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Does Renarin have 3 surges?


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Light exploded into the room. Clean and white, like the light of the brightest diamond. The light of the sun. A brilliant, concentrated purity. Moash growled, spinning around, shading his eyes against the source of the light—which came from the doorway. The figure behind it wasn’t visible as anything more than a shadow. Moash shied away from the light—but a version of him, transparent and filmy, broke off and stepped toward the light instead. Like an afterimage. In it, Kaladin saw the same Moash—but somehow standing taller, wearing a brilliant blue uniform. This one raised a hand, confident, and although Kaladin couldn’t see them, he knew people gathered behind this Moash. Protected. Safe. The image of Moash burst alight as a Shardspear formed in his hands.

That sounds a lot like a Lightweaving.  But Renarin doesn’t light-weave that much.


Nearby, Renarin had stepped up to the family with the sniffling children. He summoned a small globe of light, then began bouncing it between his hands. Such a simple thing, but the children who saw it grew wide-eyed, forgetting their fear. The ball of light was bright blue. Part of Navani felt it should be red—to reveal the true nature of the spren that hid inside Renarin. A Voidspren. Or at least an ordinary spren corrupted to the enemy’s side. None of them knew what to do about that fact, least of all Renarin. As with most Radiants, he hadn’t known what he was doing when he began. Now that he’d formed the bond, it was too late to turn back. Renarin claimed the spren was trustworthy, but something was odd about his powers. They had managed to recruit several standard Truthwatchers—and they could create illusions like Shallan. Renarin couldn’t do that. He could only summon lights, and they did strange, unnatural things sometimes.…

So is it just that his light-weaving is clumsy and underdeveloped?  Or has his access to fortune eclipsed his surge of illumination?  Was what he used to take down Moash a Lightweaving, or something more akin to a Malatium vision?

would Enlighened Spren create Surgebinders with access to 3 surges instead of two?

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This is his version of lightweiving which is somehow similar to Malatium visions - He cant control exactly what he will show but he can show glimplses of the spiritual realm (the future for his visions, Moash`s other posible past).


He has "enlightened" lightwieving and progression which are 2 surges.

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Also, keep in mind that how a Surge is expressed will not necessarily be the same with different orders. We've already seen that Adhesion is different for Bondsmiths than it is for Windrunners. The difference for Renarin's Illumination (from Shallan's) may be because he's a Trutwatcher, because Glys is Enlightened - but most likely it's both (as Illumination seems very personal even amongst Lightweavers). Shallan's uses of Soul Casting do not match how we have seen Jasnah Soulcast. Etc.

So far, Gravitation seems to be the only consistent Surge, with Wundrunners, Skybreakers and Heavenly Ones all using it pretty much identically. And that seems to be the exception. . .

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