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Hello, I recently started up a limited-time campaign of MAG set in Era 2. I found it difficult to find resources for GMs and players outside of the books themselves, so I wanted to compile a thread to share resources and tips.

The first thing I'd like to share is our Era 2 google sheets character sheet. I've found Google Sheets especially valuable for running play-by-post games as they work very well asynchronously.
One of my players did the initial layout based on the sheet made by redditor u/Chocolatetreetoad.
I added some validations to help people generate new characters to check their math and auto-calculate some fields. Set the strength of attributes and standings in cells A10 and D10 and it will display some validations on the attributes. These rows can be hidden after character generation. You might need to adjust the min/max validations on the individual fields if a character is koloss-blooded.

Some other great resources I've found:

Once my game starts playing I think I will need to create more google sheets such as for NPCs and scheme worksheet. I will post those and any other useful resources I come across here. Feel free to share your own tips and resources for players or "Narrators" here!

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Hey would you be able to help me out?

I'm new to Mistborn Adventure game and I ran into a confusing situation. I chose to get Medical Supplies to help heal since it says "Useful for treating wounds and during certain Mental Conflict see page 221" but the only mention of medical supplies in the mental conflict section is "Equipment rarely comes into play in a Mental Conflict, though the judicious use of medical supplies can increase any damage inflicted by 1, assuming the Narrator approves. (This option only really works with certain tactics, like torture and sometimes interrogation or harassment.)"
So, how does this item work? Is it only a torture device or there some type of healing it can provide? And if it can heal, how do you roll for it?

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Hey, I hope it's all right that I post this here. I've worked on quite a bit of homebrew. I don't claim to be an expert on game design, but my goal was to better represent some aspects of the books than some of the current rules do. 


Here's a quick overview of what's available.

Rebalancing power levels (some of the less useful metals can be chosen at character creation without changing a character's power level)

Rules for Southern Scadrian characters

Additional networks

Metal reworks (to make some more like how they are in the books)

New abilities and stunts for a few metals

Exclusive abilities for twinborn with complimentary powers

Reworked savantism (the goal is to make it both powerful and costly)

If anyone has thoughts, I would be more than happy to hear them. 

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one thing I've found to be very powerful, is to make your traits match with each other.


Drive : Bring house Buvidas back from the brink of destruction.

Profession : Merchant.

Specialty : Negotiating.

Feature : Poker face.

Personality : Resevred and focused.

They match so well with a good charm stat, and make the character a master of persuasion.

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I just wanted to share this announcement from crafty games:



Today through Monday: The Mistborn Adventure Game core book is 80% off, and our friends at DriveThruRPG and their affiliate sites are hosting a discounted bundle of the entire line for the lowest price ever. 




As it will no longer be possible to purchase these books after the end of the year once Crafty Games' Mistborn license expires, I expect this is likely to be the last time they go on sale. You can pick up the entire line including the brand new nobles supplement used for the new Diceborn mini-series for only $16.35. If you were waiting to buy it, I'd recommend you buy it now.

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