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Alright. So I'm just going to create a thread where I can throw either short stories or the beginnings to stories. I write a lot of beginnings to stories (you might have noticed) and never the ends. One day that will change. Constructive commentary 145% welcome. 

Book #1

Chapter 1


Mark folded his arms and Jess zipped up her jacket. Luke ignored the cold from the shade and looked up the branches. It was the tallest tree in town and a great spot to watch the park. Where else would they go to get such a view, and for free. Luke scrambled onto a low branch, "Come on Luke," said Jess, "We could be doing something else!"

"It'll be fun," Luke grinned. 

"Ya? Why can't we just go up an elevator or something. Better yet, if you're thirsting for heights, why not go skydiving?" Jess said.

Luke shrugged, "I don't have enough money to skydive. I need a thrill, who wants to go up a lame elevator?"

Mark raised a hand, "There's some real old elevators on Beller's street, why don't we just go there? Plenty of thrill, we might even die," He said thrill like it was a bad thing.

"Come on guys!" Jess rolled her eyes, but help up a hand for Luke to help her up. Mark followed behind. Even just eight feet off the ground Luke felt the rush. He grinned. Even Jess, who considered herself a thrill-seeker, had grown a bit tired of Luke's activities. It had started with this very tree, then leaning over the edge of tall buildings. Eventually Luke's friends had followed him to the rock climbing gym, then when that had gotten dull, to cliff faces.

Luke's parents stopped paying for his adventuring when he'd turned eighteen. He'd gotten a job then boarded his first plane flight to Texas for a week of exploring. Climbing this tree was more for sentimental value than for an adventure.

It didn't take long to reach the point where the tree started to tip. Jess and Mark stayed a few feet below him. The cool autumn air made Luke shiver with delight. He almost wanted to jump. that would be stupid of course, but maybe it would be fun while it lasted. If Luke had enough for the medical bill, which he didn't.

"Luke, let's go get hot cocoa or something!" said Mark.

"I've got to do something fun before we have to go back to school," said Luke.

"Then why don't we do something other than stand freezing in a tree. We're not ten anymore, we can do stuff."

Luke sight. It would probably be better to do something they wanted to do. "Alright. Let's go." He'd come back on his own sometime.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mark used his phone to search for a nearby donut shop and we bought some hot chocolate and donuts. Jess kept trying to give Luke girl's numbers she'd happen to get. "Just ask a few out. Like a blind date, but I can pick out the bad ones. Tess would be a great fit!"

"Give me a break, Jess. I'm not interested," Luke tried to push her from the topic, but she was relentless.

After Jess kept interrupting their card game with "Oh, I know," or "What about her?" Luke decided it was time to go. Mom would want him home. Luke left, making his way through the streets. His house wasn't far. As Luke entered his home his phone buzzed.

Mark - Taking Jess home, see you tomorrow

Luke - See you tomorrow

Jess and Mark lived relatively close to each other, but on the opposite side of the park from Luke. Entering the home was always eerie to Luke. It was quiet and dark. Luke flipped on the lights and sent a text to his mom. Then he plopped on the couch in the living room and checked his emails. Nothing from anyone important. His mom texted that she'd gotten off work late, so Luke made himself some dinner. He turned on the TV and scanned the news channels. They were all the same sort of things. Luke was about to turn it off when the house shook.


Earthquake. Luke cursed and started for a doorway. A few things fell and shattered on the floor. Soon it was over and Luke pulled out his phone to call his phone to call his mom. "Did you feel that?" he asked. 

"Sure did. They've stopped the subway," she replied.

"Do you think Dad's okay?"

"He'll be fine. Prepare for a second wave."

"Get home safely."

"I will, you stay safe," she hung up. Luke waited in the doorway to the kitchen, but no second wave came. Soon the news channel switched to the earthquake.

"...say it was nothing more than an odd occurrence," said a smiling man wearing a blue button-up shirt, "Authorities say it was not expected, and a second wave isn't expected. Still, take caution and make sure your home is prepared for further quakes."

Luke's phone buzzed. "Hey Mark."

"Did you see that?"

"The earthquake?"

"The meteor!"

Luke felt a chill, "No, where was it?"

"It landed in the park. Pretty close to us."

"Are you alright?"

"Ya. It was a small meteor. Not many people saw it."

"Is Jess okay?"

"We're both fine. You should have been here. Definitely a bit thrilling."

"If it was so small, how did it cause an earthquake nearly to the other side of town?

"How did you know that?"

"My mom. They stopped a subway."

"Dang. Must be serious. Do you think there was an earthquake that happened at the same time somehow?"

"I don't know. There hasn't been a second wave."

"I better go. Jess wants to get home."

"I thought you were already taking her?"

"We got sidetracked," Mark hung up. Luke sighed. Mark should have just gone home. They could have gotten hurt. It was getting late. Luke's mom still wasn't home. He figured he'd better go to bed. He had school tomorrow.


After Luke had taken a shower and cleaned up a bit, he finally heard the door open. His mom called out, "I'm finally home! Luke?"

"Here! Just getting ready for bed," Luke said from the bathroom.

"Is the news still talking about that earthquake?"

"I dunno. Mark and Jess were still in the park. They said a meteor landed."

"Oh really? I guess that could explain the absence of a second wave."

"But Mom, how could something so small cause such a large earthquake?"

"I don't know. Maybe ask your father," Luke could hear his mom moving in the kitchen, "Did you eat?" she asked.

"Ya. I'm going to bed."

"Good night then. Good luck at school tomorrow."

"Good night." Luke went upstairs to his room, leaving his mom to watch the news. He'd heard enough already. He could still faintly hear the TV in the living room below his room. A few words caught his attention as he fell asleep.


Chapter 2


Luke nearly knocked his alarm across the room. His eyes had shot wide open. Some dream that had been. It had been terrifying. Luke checked his phone. Mark had been sending him messages till near midnight. He'd likely be tired and complaining about late he'd been up.

Luke put on his uniform and grabbed a bowl of cereal before he went to toss the garbage in the container in the backyard. There was a small crater in the grass with a stone at the center. The crater was only three feet deep. Luke lay down and picked up the stone. Was this a meteorite? He pocketed it and went inside to grab his backpack.


Luke arrived early to school for the first time in high school. Well, second. He'd been at school that one time. After first period Mark found Luke at his locker, dropping off his math book. "You see the news last night?" Mark asked.

"About the earthquake?"

"The meteorite."

"Oh. Not really. I was in bed by 9:30."

"That's why you didn't respond."

Luke rolled his eyes, "I had to get to bed. We had school."

"You wanted to be on time?" Mark scoffed, "That's nearly as unbelievable as that meteorite last night."

Luke shut his locker and walked past Mark. "It's our last year. I'm going to make it different."

"Someone's started to worry about scholarships. By the way. Want to do something tonight? Jess is busy. Cards? Chess?"

"Sure. I need to go. I'll find you at lunch." Every class was normal first day stuff. After a couple hours of boredom Luke made his way outside to their spot by the track. A park bench. Mark and Jess were there. There were a couple kids throwing a football around the field. Luke sat across from Jess and Mark. "Hey Jess."

"How was Tekins, Luke?" Jess asked.

Luke rolled his eyes.

Jess grinned, "Figured."

"She's just so..."

"Rude? Dumb? A b-?"

Mark held up a hand, "Sorry, but I can't get over this meteorite."

Jess sighed and met Luke's eyes, "He won't shut up about it."

"Why are you so fascinated?" said Luke.

"You're not? Look, the earthquake shook more than half the city! From a small rock. Your dad's gotta find that intriguing."

"Ya, well. I haven't talked to him since last Saturday," Luke took a bite from his sandwich.

"He hasn't called to talk about it?" Jess asked.

"Why haven't you called him?" said Mark.

"He's busy, and I haven't wanted to disturb him yet," said Luke.

"right. I'm sure he hasn't had-"

"Look Mark. He's my dad. I'll talk to him when I want. You're welcome to try to call him."

Mark raised his hands, "Alright. Don't freak out."

Luke shook his head. What on Earth, Mark. They ate in silence for a time, then Mark ran off to pass the football with the other kids. Luke turned to Jess, "What's up with him?"

"What do you mean?" said Jess.

Luke cocked his eyebrow, "He's obsessed with that meteor."

"Oh," she looked down, "I don't know. He's just...really interested."


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