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My superhero novel drafts


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so over the past couple of years, amidst unhealthy amounts of Sanderson obsession, multiple failed attempts at other writing projects, trying to get my master's degree, and experiencing the Great Gender Crisis of 2020-Ongoing, I wrote a couple of superhero stories for NaNoWriMo and did a prequel novella. 

Posting links here because I've seen other people doing similar things and I'm desperate for feedback from people used to the ridiculously high standard of Brandon Sanderson novels. 

Content warnings: Some graphic violence, mind controlling telepathy, mind reading telepathy, intense emotional issues including depression and undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder, varying amounts of cussing, political parodies, murder scenes, and discussion of violent crimes including murder and sexual violence. 

First one: Mind-Jacker  CW: Depression, suicidal ideation. This one is the weakest, I think.  This started as a piss-take on The Boys because I was angry at the way that show is about a bunch of heroic vigilante Hard Men led by a violent anarcho-fascist, and that show's world is stupid and nonsensical in ways that actively facilitate those themes that I don't like.  Length: Roughly 50k words. 

Second one: Tradewind  CW: Brief consensual sex, brief body horror elements, on-screen murder of a child, depression, emotionally damaged women frankly discussing the consent issues with their superpowers, consensual mind control (accompanied by a seriously screwed up mental state and pathological altruism).  This one is quasi-metafictional,I guess you could describe it.  Length: Roughly 55k words. 

Prequel novella-length story: Widowmaker  CW: Very brief sexual violence, implied sexual violence, general serial killer tropes including nonconsensual drugging and lust murder, brief overt racism and low-key sexism.  This is basically a hunt-the-serial-killer murder mystery but with a bit of building out the world and the beginnings of the protagonist's mental and emotional collapse. 

Please, if you have the time/inclination to read, hit me with your best criticism.  :)

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