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Writing a random scene to discover characters

Lord Gregorio

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Here's a bit of random writing I did to discover what one of my characters would sound like and how my magic system might work. It was a lot of fun. Maybe I'll write a bit more for this scene. I haven't really written the book yet. I think I discussed the magic system somewhere in Creator's Corner. Something about Music Magic. 


Mezner’s music floated freely. What a beauty music was! Truly, Ales had blessed humans with the ability to comprehend instruments. Such majesty! The simple flute Mezner held was not as grand as the lute or the guitar he preferred. Even the shawm was preferable to the small flute. A flute was just so easy to travel with. Mezner’s audience seemed to enjoy the flute just fine. They stayed back just out of sight as Mezner traveled. Mezner considered his sight extraordinary, but in the darkness even he couldn’t make out the shapes of his audience.

Mezner had begun with a burst of excited notes when the creatures had approached. Though the music filled the air, Mezner had kept the dons overtaking his mind. Best not to go mad now, Mezner had thought, I have an audience to attend to. The excited tone from the flute had calmed till it was a lulling but interesting melody.

Mezner loved to keep his audience entertained, so he’d let a bit of the music from the distance flow into his head. A beautiful burst of wind instruments and drums had filled Mezner’s head. His excitement to put on a show for such a unique situation had caused the area around to brighten as if Mezner held a candle. Now, Mezner had gotten a closer look at the beasts. They’re not interested in the music, Mezner thought. Mezner grinned, then said, “So you want to kill me, eh? Well first, let me entertain you a bit. Stand back while my flute I play. We’ve got time, in fact you’ve got till it’s day!”

An angry burst of notes flowed from the flute and Mezner let the flute’s music mix with the dons in his head. Magic and music filled the night. The flute empowered the music in his head and filled the night air. Magic lighting the night like a forest fire.


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