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Who are the Envisagers

Immortal Platypus


Just like the title asks, Who are the Envisagers? Teft mentions them when he discovers Kaladin is a Radient. Quote, "I need to tell the Envisagers ... The Envisagers were gone. Dead, because of what he'd done." So, Who are the Envisagers and what did Teft do to them?

Thanks ya'll

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They were an organization/cult that still revered the Knights Radiant and had a smidgeon of knowledge on how being a Radiant worked. They tried to become Radiants themselves, but their incomplete understanding doomed them to fail. Their attempts were actually reminiscent of how the nobility in the Mistborn series would put their children through brutal beatings in an attempt to Snap them to bring out latent allomancy. Teft turned them in to the local city lord in hopes he would get them to stop their dangerous practices, but the city lord ended up executing all of them. It's also fairly likely they were founded by Kelek for the same reasons he founded the Sons of Honor, though there's no telling when the sect that Teft was a part of was founded. Could have been decades or centuries before the time period the Stormlight books are taking place now.  

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