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What is the timeline for the secret projects


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9 hours ago, SirFlapFla said:

Like where does each book fit in, specifically the 4th one

The sunlit man is around the time of Sixth of the dusk, after mistborn era 3.



Can you place this one in time for us relative to Era 3 of Mistborn and Sixth of the Dusk?

Brandon Sanderson

A little after in my current timeline of those. Karen hasn't seen all these timelines. She only canonizes timelines when books are written, and she hasn't done that for Sunlit Man yet. So she will slot it in. How should we say- you say Era 3 and Sixth of the Dusk. After Era 3, similar timeline to Sixth of the Dusk. Because Era 3 is before Sixth of the Dusk era. Those are not two of the same. Around Sixth of the Dusk era, probably just a tad after, is what I would say.

Secret Project #4 Reveal and Livestream (March 29, 2022)


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I think that Secret Project 3 may be after Mistborn Era 2.

Since one of the societies there seems fairly modernish, they might even have instant noodles!

Which I believe is an actual indicator of how advanced a society is, if they have it in SP 3 World then it means that it takes place after Mistborn Era 2, since Scadrial in Era 2 was described as 'the most technologically advanced planet in the Cosmere'. Which means that SP 3 must take place after Era 2.

Does this make sense?

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