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I'd like your opinion on Shards and Downshards


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Hello everyone!

Short version:

I made this table with checkboxes relating possible Downshards and Shards, I'd love it if you could check which ones you think could be related, to use as a starting point for a brainstorm. Thanks!


Slightly longer version:

So I've being working on a Dawnshards theory.

Of course a big part of theorizing is now about:

  • what the remaining 3 are
  •  what the "odd one out" would be, and how is it different
  • how they relate to shards, if at all

I've seen theories also including a different set of "properties", combined with the downshards to "categorize" all the shards, and the conversation often comes down to everyone having a slightly different spin on what the actual Downshards and correlations are.
I think it would be very interesting to get a clearer feel for how you guys would connect Shards with possible downshards, to have a stronger base to brainstorm over.

So I made a very simple survey with google forms. LINK

It's a table where, for every shard, you can check all the possibile Dawnshards\attributes\ideas you feel could be related to it. To do this I put together my own guesses and many of the ones I could find browsing around as options.

If you'd like to give your input but don't feel like spending more than a minute on this, feel free to just check the marks on the Shards you feel more confident about (say do Honor, ignore Mercy), but any input will be much appreciated.


Once I have this, I'll look at correlations and see if any new idea pops up ^^

I'll be sharing the results anyways (in about a week time I think) in case they could be useful for any future theory on the topic.


Thank you!

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