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Hi =D

I'd been reading Wheel of Time and decided to check out Sanderson when it was announced that he would be finishing that series. I picked up the Final Empire paperback and was immediately impressed with the magic system, it was so unique and fresh! That hooked me and I fell in love with Mistborn.

As my time with Sanderson's works increased via Elantris and the progression of the Mistborn series, I began to discover his over-arching mythos and have greatly enjoyed the theorycrafting and speculation on the TWG forums, and this seems like a more focused, natural extension of that.

The universe Sanderson has crafted for his stories is very intriguing to me and it's such a delight to find out more about it, I'm glad this place exists.

PS - My lurk to post ratio is probably something like 15:1 =P

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Goodness, so many self-proclaimed lurkers on the site! You'd think we had rabies or something. ;)

Oh, wait....

Anyways, welcome! I, like you, also became a Brandon fan through his work on the Wheel of Time. I started with Elantris, then the Mistborn trilogy, and never looked back. Don't worry, we're all nice here, so feel free to come out of lurk-mode and chat with us!

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