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Hi there!

Inspector Morgue

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Hello! I am Inspector Morgue.

Have stumbled upon The Stormlight Archive when I was browsing Kickstarter one day and later, began reading this book series. After this, I started reading other books in the Cosmere.

I have an affinity for tabletop games, writing stories, collecting dreams, conceptualising skits, music and game design.

I am glad to be joining this wonderful community!

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7 hours ago, That1Cellist said:

Greetings. Do you, by any happenstance, play an instrument?

I do play the Piano

7 hours ago, The Wandering Wizard said:

Hello there! 

Favorite tabletop games?

I like the Oniverse series, Black Sonata and Deep Sea Adventure


8 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

Hello and welcome to the shard! Have you read all the cosmere books or just some?

I have read The Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, some of the stories in Arcanum Unbounded, and Starting to read Elantris


9 hours ago, Morningtide said:

Welcome to the shard! Who's your favorite character?


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