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Query about SP 3's Magic


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Painter's World:
Hion Lines: Two lines of energy (one teal and one fuscia) that flow through the sky that are used to power the world instead of electricity. They can be manipulated into specific shapes. They are strong enough that they are used for trains between cities (aka the only places that have enough Hion to push back the shroud)
Nightmares: Inky beings that feed on the terror of humans, able to sense emotions and thoughts. They come from the Shroud that covers the planet and gain strength every time they feed on terror. If they have not feed enough times, they have to return to the shroud to survive. They start out formless, but start to take on the shape of humans' nightmares. They can go through walls unless they have feed enough times to gain real substance.
Painters: Artists who are trained to trap nightmares in their paintings. This seems to work on perception. The painter looks at the nightmare and tries to find a harmless object that reasonably could be similar to the nightmare. As they paint this image, the nightmare slowly changes to match the painting, then melting away. Painters are not unique in that anyone can be trained, even someone from off planet. This art can also affect other entities like spren or seons, but Painter does not have the extra power to do this.

Yumi's World:
Chosen: Chosen are individuals that are chosen at birth by the spirits, or really by some omen that the people believe is from the spirits. There are many rituals that Chosen perform, but if they actually influence anything is unknown. They do perform one ritual that seems to be the actual magic. They artistically stack rocks in intricate patterns that seem to draw spirits. They then negotiate with spirits using mental images. This process seems to drain the Chosen. Once stacked, the stones will not topple until the spirits are released, generally about 5-10 years.

Spirits: Balls of blue or orange light that are attracted by a Chosen's display of artistry, aka rock stacking. Once attracted they can be persuaded to transform as a reward for such a good display of artistry, by dividing in half and producing some sort of opposite. For example  light: divides into a ball dark on one side and light on the other. Lifting Spirit: divides into two statues one pushing up and one pushing down. 

Note that both Yumi and Painter are the same basic system as one another, just in different applications. And, there a connection between between these arts and trapping spren in fabrials. (per a WOB).


Actual investiture related mechanics are largely unknown, though other threads on this forum have put forth some theories.

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Fascinating, especially that Painting one, a Magic System anyone can do? I wonder if this is like Hemalurgy and it can be used anywhere, or if this is specific to that planet.

And the 'Manipulating Spren or Seons' seems like it'd have a lot of potential with some Hacking.

Overall I'm very intrigued now that I have a better idea of what's going on.

Thank you.

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