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Polarity of Cognitive shadows


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So cognitive shadows are interesting. Vasher describes them as type two entities which means that they are at least partially invested still. Below I am going to list out some ideas that I had about realmatic theory regarding cognitive shadows and there interactions with investiture. Before anything else, I want to say that it would be hard to change the investiture once the cognitive shadows are made as they have a very strong identity at that point. 

1. What happens if you corrupt the investiture inside of a cognitive shadow?

As they are invested, they can be corrupted. This would be extremely hard as they have a very strong identity as a person; however, it would still be possible to corrupt them.

2. Anti-investiture cognitive shadow

Given the right situation, I wonder if a cognitive shadow could become invested with anti-investiture instead of investiture. I think you would have to do this as the cognitive shadow is forming. You put the person in the situation (put the dying person in a vacuum and highly invest them, but they are humming the anti-tone. Maybe with a investiture pressure difference you can keep the investiture inside of the person). Once this happens, I think the person would just explode in the cognitive realm, but I think it could be possible.

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