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How Connected are Spren to Honor (Stormlight Archive)

The Stormuncle


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Honor definitely at least noticed the Recreance, and could have helped orchestrate it. Honor is a shard, after all, and wouldn't have missed something on that large of a scale. I do not know how those splinters becoming deadeyes effected Honor, but we do see in secret history that ever time a person dies, Preservation feels it as someone he knew and loved dying. That's probably just a thing of Shardic Intent, but I thought it worth mentioning.

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We know that canonically the spren are Splinters and independent of mind to Honor (and Cultivation) but because they are made entirely of Investiture, they should still have been intimately Connected with him. I think Honor felt the Recreance intimately, not only because it was a mass breaking of oaths but also because a significant chunk of his Investiture was altered and became deadeyes. Moreover, while Honor was already going insane when the Recreance happened, it is notable that Odium was only able to Splinter him post-Recreance.

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