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Bah Ado Mishram and the Nahel bond (spoilers)


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First post, long time lurker. I'm copying a theory i sent to my brother and I haven't proofread this.

Ok bear with me here

I think Bah Ado Mishram’s imprisonment is the cause of the deadeye spren.

There’s an epigraph where kalek pleads for her release because he claims her capture affected not just roshar but all Spren. He was present for her capture, as well as the recreance and the false desolation. There’s more. After maya’s “we chose” testimony, adolin asks her if they knew the spren would die, she says, verbatim “pain yes, death no, maybe” how would the spren know there would be pain from a broken Nahel bond, but didn’t know they would die? Unless they had seen it happen before the inprisonment. Perhaps they saw some evidence that spren were dying from broken bonds in the time between that and the recreance, but not enough to make a decisive conclusion. They knew it would hurt though because it always hurts when a bond is broken. Lastly, and this is just assumptions. All the deadeye spren that are meeting at lasting integrity are going to be fixed. The next book is going to involve the release of Bah ado mishram. Then there will be thousands upon thousands of radiant spren to bond. Winning the war. And adolin will be one of them when maya is fixed. He said the first ideal to her, and they formed a bond but she didn’t change yet.

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There are multiple WOBs to support this, I think.


Greg Andrew

Did Radiants who broke their oaths prior to the Recreance also result in deadeye spren?

Brandon Sanderson


YouTube Spoiler Stream 1 (Dec. 17, 2020)

We know that the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram took place around that time. Also, people have theorized similar things before.



Was the being that became Ba-Ado-Mishram Connected to all the spren on Roshar before becoming an Unmade?

Brandon Sanderson


YouTube Spoiler Stream 3 (Dec. 16, 2021)

That isn't exactly related, but it's still interesting. I do think that Ba-Ado-Mishram caused deadeye spren, but I don't necessarily agree with your other points.

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