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Shallan Davar and Haley Starshine

king of nowhere

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I just realized there are very strong similarities between Shallan and Haley from the order of the stick. Mostly because they are both based on lies.

Both are girly girs who hide a traumatic childhood behind their outward sweetness. both were left scarred and with trust issues. and to get along, they lie to others and to themselves.

both have deception as their main power, though in haley's case it's just mundane skill.

both end up with a very good, honest guy who help them come to terms with their issues. for both, their story arc is centered around learning to trust. both are afraid that, if others knew their "real" self, they'd leave. both have a moment where they tell everything to their love interest, and they get better for it. both are conflicted between genuine goodness and self-centered egoism, with love tipping the scale.

both are redheads. both have a latent bisexuality that the author didn't really plan in advance.


is there some character archetype I'm not aware of? are those all coincidences? or perhaps there was some subconscious inspiration?

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