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Secret Project #1: Everything we Know About the Magic

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On 3/10/2022 at 2:52 PM, Oltux72 said:

That is much harder to say, as that question implies a question about what the aethers lack.

So we can only look at potential benefits. Obviously

  • sense organs
  • hands
  • communication channels

If you look at it from a psychological angle

  • companions, imagine having only 11 other people to talk to for millenia
  • new views

And speculatively

  • pollinators

Hoid is not really clear on what fills the oceans. He often calls them spores, but sometimes pollen. Pollen are not spores. Technically they are a generation in the life cycle that has been reduced to consisting only of a testicle. Yet now we know that there are multiple core aethers, so we must ask how they reproduce.

Spren are in a certain way condensed human thoughts. Aethers are - at least they seem to think so -  older than man, thereby truly alien. Hence I'd say that their relationship to humans is less close, In fact they may view humans like humans view aviars. We cannot expect them to fully understand people.

As a plant biologist I'm so grateful for the accurate plant facts

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