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Some thoughts on tapping speed for a full feruchemist.

How does increased/decreased speed work? Do the electrons in your nerves move quicker/slower? Does your reference to time change? Do you perceive time at the same speed and react faster, or does it feel like relativity where you pass more time than those around you?

I was rereading WOA and got to the part where Sazed is filling several metalminds, and I was thinking, isn't there a better way? He's feeble, numb, can't see well, etc for an extended period of time. Why not store up some speed, then rapidly fill your metalminds, so you only have to deal with this for a couple minutes?

If your perception of time follows relativity, then this still feels like a long time filling your metalminds, but at least you aren't vulnerable to outside attacks (such as disease) for as long.


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I don't believe this alters your perception of time, simply the way that time moves relative to you. This is similar to allomantic bendalloy, but without the restricting bubble and able to be done at greater speeds. 



Is there any real difference between Steelrunners and Sliders? It seems like that could be sort of similar class--

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah. But different.

--Sliders have the bubble around them, but...

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. They work similarly, the big difference is you're seeing the limitations of Allomancy versus Feruchemy. Where Feruchemy there upper limit is unbounded, but you have really much more distinct cost and that can be stored up. You see that these have a different kind of cost to them, but I would call them the same category of thing, it's just the Feruchemy can be way more powerful. Except its limited by how much you store up.

This is the basis for my opinion


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