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I'm posting this on behalf of Herowannabe over on SteelMinistry.com, since I don't think he has an account here. He went to the signing tonight and asked some questions. Here's his post and I will copy-paste the text below:

Alright, just got back from the signing event, and let me just say- Brandon is such a great guy! Like yeah we all know he's an incredible author but he's also a really nice guy, very friendly and down to earth. :)

So here's a quick recap:

He did two readings, one from Words of Radiance (one of Dalinar's visions where he is running through the pure lake with a bunch of soldiers chasing an evil spren) and one from Shadows of Self (with Wax and Steris doing some wedding planning- very very funny). He did a Q&A session too, but all the questions were pretty generic things like "How do you come up with characters?" and etc.

When my wife and I got our turn to get our books signed we asked a few more specific questions, here are the ones we got to:

First my wife asked if Hoid would continue to be in every Cosmere novel, and long story short Brandon basically said "probably." He didn't guarantee that Hoid would always make an appearance but he said that he expected people would be pretty upset if he (Hoid) didn't show up.

I asked him a question I had been wondering: if there was any connection between The Shattered Plains, the Chasm on Sel, the Pits of Hathsin, and/or the crater valley of the Conventicle of Seran. He said yes there was, but didn't elaborate. He let me guess though. I guessed they were some sort of shard-impact sites, and he said that was a good guess but not it- there aren't that directly connected. As best as I can remember he said it has to do with things like the shard pools and how the shards are connected to the land (as is most obvious on Sel).

And lastly I asked him [Claincy's] question- if Inquisitors could see Aluminum and it got RAFOed.

Oh and I told him that we here at Steelministry.com love the game and briefly told him about the site and Futile Efforts in particular, and he seemed genuinely impressed (is that the right word? Enthused? Supportive? Happy for us? Approving? Something like that. Anyway, it was genuine).

All in all it was fun. I'll try to get a picture or two posted when I get the time to figure out how to do that on this site. :D

Edit: I wanted to ask Kadrok's Atium-Shadesmar question, but completely forgot about it in the moment. Sorry!

P.S. He also had some new info on the fact that objects can get "full" of Investiture, which he mentioned on reddit back during the AMA, but which I don't think we have noticed yet:




Is something infused with magic resistant to further infusion, from the same or another form of magic?


My friend and I asked [brandon] something like this at a book signing, but for some reason it never seemed to make it onto 17th Shard. We asked if a shardblade or Nightblood could be used as a hemallurgic spike (ie: two different investitures of magic). Brandon said that yes, in theory you could do that, but objects have a limit to how much investiture they can hold, and that it could be argued that things like Nightblood and Shardblades are already "full."



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Cool, thanks Kurk.  I admit I am pretty wedded to 17S and I often wonder about what other Q&A's crop up on other fansites.


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Yay! My first RAFO :P


I think I'll keep with the theory of inquisitors not being able to see pure aluminium for now. They could probably see it if it had any impurities though.


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