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Hi guys. I wrote something in my journal a few days back, and while it wasn't strictly just encouragement for writing fiction, and isn't particularly poetic, I felt like it might be helpful to share it.


It is hard to write a first draft well.

It is easy to write a terrible first draft

It is impossible to edit a blank page

It is easy to edit terrible writing into passable

It is difficult to find the motivation to write a bad first draft when you hold a false ideal in your mind

It is easy to edit a passable text into a good one

It is tricky to edit good text into great text

It is so satisfying to make a good final draft!


I hope everyone writing something now, whether for a project, for fiction, for any intended role, is well. I hope your writing goes well, and I hope you are motivated and encouraged, of good cheer, and have some sort of encouragement for yourselves. Take care and God bless!


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