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Found 12 results

  1. LG92: N1 - What The Hell, SE >>> Striker was removed. The Night has begun and will end on Monday, 30th January 2022 at 1100hrs SGT (GMT+8)!
  2. I have only read SA, MB (Book 1), and WB so I don't really know about etlantris sorry. Here goes the theory. Scadral has metals that deal in investiture, Roshar has stormlight, and Nithis has breath. Nightblood feeds on forms of investiture. We have seen Nightblood feed on stormlight ad breath, we have not however seen him feed on metal. What metal would Nightblood eat? I will list the metals I know of and say why or why not I think he would feed on them. 1. Tin- I do not think that Nightblood would feed on this, it would not give him the "kick he needs" 2. Pewter- Nightblood might fed on this, this might be converted to strength for both the holder and make Nightblood stronger himself. 3. Iron- Push good away 4. steel- Pull evil closer 5. Zinc- Creates strong emotion to destroy evil 6. Brass- Suppresses good in people 7. Copper- hides good 8. Bronze- finds evil 9. Gold- Sees if people could have become evil 10. Atuim- See's if people would become evil. I don't know any other metal's so please tell me what Nightblood would do if he burned the others that I'm sure there are. Also please talk about edlantris as well
  3. Is there an official answer why tapping mental speed makes you hungry? If not, do any of you have theories about why this happens?
  4. So, basically, I was just wondering if there is a definite answer to this question; How does Steel Feruchemy work? The title really says it all. I've looked around, but have not found a definite answer, and was wondering if anyone knew. If not, I have an idea, but I'd like to make sure that there is not another, correct answer, before I make a fool of myself in the Cosmere Theories section.
  5. Apologies if this has been brought up before. It's been a while since I frequented the Stormlight board. My question is a simple one: why doesn't the Abrasion Surge allow its users to slick the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet? It seems a fairly arbitrary limitation, and the closest I can come to a logical solution is that somehow the calluses on these parts of the body interfere with the Surge. Is there a better explanation?
  6. I was just reading Brandon's AMA over at r/books from 2 months ago. It was pretty far down so I don't know if others saw... But both Herdazians and Horneaters are the result of human-listener interbreeding. :/ So, apparently they had been 'discovered' long ago, not to mention that relations were probably quite quite good. So Rock+Rlain=fam forever.
  7. Why are there so many bronies that are also fans of Brandon Sanderson? Please explain. No offense intended to anyone who is a brony. I just see a lot of them and I'm curious to find out why there is an overlap between the two fandoms.
  8. The blogs are cool, and in my opinion get too little love, but is there a reason they are completely void of nifty features? Like seriously, the coolest thing I can do there is add my profile pic to the sidebar. Maybe this is why several people have made blogs, but have kind of awkwardly trailed off after a post or two. Maybe it's because everyone is too busy posting. I don't know. Mods, some insight into this matter would be most welcome.
  9. I thought I should introduce myself to the Creator's Corner. The following work was written at about 1:00 AM. It is published here nearly unaltered, though considerably more legible. Advice, critiques and questions are welcome. It's a sort of companion to another short story I wrote that I'm actually pretty proud of. There's two guys (they don't know each other) and they showed considerable bravery in battle. They were heroes. They both died in battle, and the ice magicians tried to bring them back to life as a reward. Well, they succeeded, but they are both now made of ice, and because of the half-failure the whole thing was kinda hushed up. Okay, enough stalling. Here it is.
  10. Can any of you guys imagine Steelheart's Rending? We have seen him incinerate buildings with his energy beams. Clearly his Rending must have been destructive beyond belief. The news would have been choke full of the monster that caused so much destruction. Yet, when he arrived in the bank David and his father thought he was a hero. I can only think of two possible explanations. 1)The Charlston family never watched the news and didn't talk with people that watch the news. This would also explain how under Calamity's red light David didn't know about Dawnslight. 2)Steelheart was a ninja and no one noticed his Rending, because he was invisible. I have to admit that number one sounds more reasonable but number two is a clickbait sounds more awesome.
  11. So.... Why is the stick so popular? I was shocked to see a whole chapter dedicated to its mind on Brandon's page a few months ago and looked for a reason for it. In an interview he said he was surprised by people wanting to see more of the stick as well. Why? Why is it so damnation popular? Is it because we celebrate the failure of Shallan? That would make sense, except most of you people like her. Is it because the stick is just so gosh darn loveable?
  12. On a whim I decided to do a quick Google News search for "Mistborn." - I found a couple reviews and this little gem on a French news site. "During a series of questions / answers, the American author has returned to the film adaptation of Mistborn, or Son-of-Mists French. Sanderson reveals that one of his conditions for this film is a cast opening to the public, so anyone can apply for a role. He also explained that it is the "film" section of the company Little Orbit, who produced the Mistborn video game: Birtright, which currently holds the rights to adapt. They keep the game if they finish within 18 months, otherwise these rights will be relisted. Of course, we are still far from even just an estimate release date for this film ..." I ran it through Google Translate, so it's not perfect. Apparently Mistborn: Birthright is coming within about 17 months, or it's not coming at all. I like that casting is open to the public, but I'd prefer having more talented actors performing the principal roles rather than someone off the streets. Any other thoughts from anyone? Was this knowledge previously known and I just missed it?