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Found 5 results

  1. I love this forum and the theories the sanderson fan community has ans shares and the debates and in depth discussions. Ive recenlty been following the re reads of both way of kings and words of radiance.and Love the in depth chapter and character discussions and the comments section on there. Im also a George R R Martin a song of ice and fire fan and have listened to various podcasts and youtube videos. One thing has struck me recently, although they are complex and have thousands of characters and plots and sub plots there is only five books so far in ASOIAF, yet the youtube community and pod-casters have hours of chapter, character, plot , theory discussions ect and most my favourite vids/casts have multiple people debating. i was thinking with the cosmere as a whole and the books characters, magic systems, theories about the nature of the cosmere as a whole, the cognitive, spiritual and physical realms and plots. i would love to see this fan community spread into other media and see similar theory casts, plot casts , group re reads of chapters on youtube and podcast form. there is definitely hours to talk and expand on and as sanderson releases more books/novellas every year i would love to see the same spread of cosmere love through other media. i do love this forum though
  2. So Tor posted some new info on the Wheel of Time Companion. In addition to what we learned in August, we now have this: Considering that Shadows of Self is set for release in October and this in November, I can well say that this fall is shaping out to be pretty awesome!
  3. There was a news topic about the first one some time ago, but has now released the covers of the second two. I like the painting on the first, but the typeset and tag about an evil being defeated are terrible. I'm glad its being marketed a bit more, but they don't need all that to make teens buy it. I really don't like the covers for WoA and HoA. Vin looks about 13, despite actually being 20. And the "evil has been defeated" on WoA!!! The Lord Ruler never has been and never will in my mind be evil! I just hope these don't become the dominant editions of the series.
  4. This was just posted on about the process of reading Words of Radiance in beta and gamma reads. It doesn't tell us anything new, except that there are... in part five. So what do you think of this review? It's a cool look at the process of beta reading, so I suggest taking a look.