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Found 2 results

  1. Cycle 5 "I do hope that you're not trying to poison me, Colonel." Colonel Ketchup was about to take offence at the suggestion before Sir Sabien Ash laughed and he realized it had been a joke. “Oh, yes, right. Good one, Ash. I must say, you had me worried for a second there. Poison indeed. With everything happening around here my nerves are a bit on edge. “Cheer up old boy. You'll stress the meat right off your bones if you keep that up.” Sir Sabien grinned and took the sauce, leaving the Colonel alone in the room. Colonel Ketchup heard a scuffle from upstairs and left to investigate. ____________________________ Naidiriv was tired. The day had been long and emotionally trying. He had tried staying awake for his own safety but he couldn't keep his eyes open a moment longer. I'll just take a short rest. I've got my vest, so at least I'll be somewhat protected. There was a knock at the door of his room. Sergeant Salmon walked in and pointed a gun at him. “What's the meaning of this??” Naidiriv stared in shock. “Don't give me that. We found a note you wrote to Governor Green and the handwriting was identical to that of the notes from the Rightful Rulers! I'm gonna need you to come with me to headquarters.” Naidiriv gaped. “My handwriting?! That's absurd!” Salmon held up a note in a plastic bag. It was the most recent note from the death of the epic, Raven. Naidiriv paled. It was identical to his handwriting...but how? He was escorted downstairs. Colonel Ketchup wandered out of the Dining Room when they reached the bottom of the stairs. “I say, what's going on, Sergeant? Has a murderer been found?” Sergeant Salmon replied, but Colonel Ketchup didn't hear him. He’d begun vomiting uncontrollably and fell to the floor, clutching his stomach. Maybe poison wasn't such a stretch after all. ____________________________ Sapphire Snip needed a snack. The kitchen had been watched closely since an officer had died there earlier, but when he worried he got hungry. He didn't think anyone would mind if he snuck in for a midnight snack. The kitchen was dim, lit only by some small lights above the stove area. Snip glanced around and didn't see anyone. He shrugged. More food for me. He began looking through the cabinets and heard a noise from behind. He turned and froze. Were those….giant gardening shears??? They came flying right towards him at a frightening pace. He side stepped just in time as they hit the cabinets with a heavy thunk. He ducked down, searching the room with his mind trying to find the person responsible for throwing the shears. did they get… Sapphire Snip was struck from behind. The police found his body, a giant pair of gardening shears lying on the floor beside him. Sapphire Snip had been snipped. _______________________________ Xinoehp512 was interrogated and found to be an innocent Democrat with a Vest item. Snipexe was murdered by the Rightful Rulers. He was an epic Democrat with the power of Mind Control. Cadmium Compounder was poisoned! (one more cycle to live) Vote Tally: Due to there being a death, the Kitchen has been closed as a crime scene and will be reopened next cycle. All players in the room have been randomly shuffled elsewhere. ________________________________ Room distribution: Dining room: Stink Gancho Libre Shqueeves Megasif Living Quarters: Sart Crimsn-Wolf Mr Doctor Droughtbringer Ballroom: Cadmium Compounder Kidpen Devotary Kitchen: Closed for this cycle. _______________________________ Cycle ends in... (4 hours) 10 PM CST Player List:
  2. This has been bugging me. Which organization do these two belong to? My conclussions: Restares is a Son of Honor who was second in command before Gavilar's assassination. Now that Gavilar is dead, I believe that Restares is in charge because Mraize refers to Amaram (speculation) as one of Restares cronies.