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Found 1 result

  1. I am a bit disappointed in you. When I gave you my blessing to interfere in the affairs of the Seventeenth Shard, I did not expect you to stage a bloody Coup. Regardless, I hope you now have the manpower needed to stop Rayse. I have alerted the Shardholders, and I know at least 8 of them will be present to contain him, but that may just give him what he wants. You will have to be very careful in your pursuit of Vengeance this time. Trust no one. not even those who trust you. Rayse knows how to disguise himself, as do the rest of the shards. And remember, there's always another Secret. Investiture All of the roles are shards with two abilities. The Ability to invest in a normal worldhopper, and a Shardic Ability. The Shard must use their Invest Ability the same cycle they use their Shardic ability. Some Shards also have a passive ability. The Investiture Power is a role given to a Worldhopper. The shard targets a player, and that player has the power for one cycle. If a shard attempts to Invest in another Shard, they are told Exactly: “Your Target cannot receive Investiture.” Multiple Shards may Invest in the Same Worldhopper. That Player may choose to use one ability per Turn. A Shard may send a Message along with their Investment. This message will be anonymous. The Worldhopper cannot reply. If a Shard fails to invest two cycles in a row,or fails to post 3 turns in a row, the Shard will become a Fallen Shard, and Endowment gets to choose a new Shardholder. This shard is not shattered, and can still invest. Roles: PM's: There are two ways to use PM's. One is to be in one with Cultivation, or a follower of Cultivation. The other is to be on the same world as a player. In addition to any other night action a player may have, they may choose to go to a certain world. (The amount of Worlds is equal to 1/4 of the Original number of players, rounding up.) All players on that world will be put in a PM group for the duration of that cycle. Order of Actions: Day: Devotion's Worldhopper is announced Endowment makes a new Shard. Normal Votes Day Investments (Odium/Honour/Endowment/Ruin) Dominion Targets Ruin’s Kill Both Devotion abilities Dominions Vote Change Ruin’s Vote Cancel Lynch Night: Endowment makes a new Shard Night Investments (Dominion, Cultivation, Preservation, Devotion) Dominion targets. Lashings Ruin's kill Devotion targets Ruin's action cancel Odium/Champion kill Writeup: Shards attacked by Odium’s champions who survive will be indistinguishable from Players who survive due to Honour’s Lashings or from players invested with Preservation or are Preservation. The identity of the survivor is revealed. Only Devotion’s saves are singled out. Ruins kill will be different than Odium’s kill Victory Conditions: Odium and his Champions win if they Outnumber the Worldhoppers and Shards. The Worldhoppers and Shards win when they shatter Odium and slay his Champions. All writeups will be posted at 10:00pm PST. If you're having trouble with Timezones, I recommend looking at this Xkcd Comic. It shows the times around the world right now. The Day turn will be 48 hours long (2 days) The Night turn will be 24 hours long (1 Day). Wilson is the Neutral Moderator for this game. EDIT: For those of you who will ask for Clarifications, Go here. It's the Rules, but in much more detail. Cycles: Day 1 Night 1 Day 2 Night 2 Day 3 Night 3 Player List: As of Day 3