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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! First time poster here! For a time I have wondered why Shallan's eyes don't glow red. We know from WoB that when radiant's glow, whether through their skin or their eyes, they do so in the color corresponds to their order (source). My understanding is that order colors are the those of their associated gemstone. So Kaladin glows blue because windrunners are associated with sapphires. Renarin should glow green, since truthwatchers are linked to emeralds. Dalinar's glow should be yellow (heliodor), Szeth's gray (smokestone), and so on. Lightweavers associated gemstone is garnet, which is red. We've seen one of Shallan's personas, Radiant, beraring a garnet colored shardplate: So, why don't her eyes glow red? In 2016 there was a post on this matter (which you can read here) where @Cortez theorized that she's been unconsciously hiding the red in her eyes since it was the reason for her mother trying to kill her (I don't know how to quote a comment :c). But beyond that I haven't found much explanation. Do you have an idea about why this is?
  2. Where does a blind person into the Rosharan Caste system? Also, why is the caste system based off of eyes? Off the top of my head in the real world, most caste indications, even if it isn't a hard system, is based off of race. Does that mean that the original Rosharans were the immigrants?
  3. So I was reading the coppemind wiki and it said that windrunner's colour of shardplate is blue,and from the books we also see that kaladin's eyes(when he ingests stormlight) and sylblade are blue in color as he is a member of the order of windrunners,and I also noticed the the color of glyph of the windrunners is blue (windrunners obviously have a lot of blue) so my question is do other orders also have their shardplate,shardblade and eye color turn to the color of their order's glyphs? For example,the dustbringer's colour of glyph is red,the truthwatchers is green,the bondsmiths is yellow etc What further makes me think this way is that,kaladin's original eye color is brown,so if ingesting stomlight or bonding a shardblade will make a darkeyes eye color brighten then it would make kaladin's eye color to become very light brown or tan like what happened to moash when he bonded with his shardblade BUT kaladin's eye color did not change to light brown/tan it changed to blue which is the color of the order of windrunners. So will we see dalinar's eye turn to yellow or renarin's to green? OATHBRINGER SPOILER! I just thought I should add this,I read kaldin's sample chapter from book three at tor and in the chapter it is said that if kaladin doesn't ingest stormlight or summons his sylblade for a long time,his eye colour reverts back to dark brown,if he does either of the actions his eye color will start to glow blue again