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Found 26 results

  1. Okay, this thread is a sequel to the most popular thread I’ve made, Ask anyone anything. This game is much, much sillier. Instead of answering the previous persons questions, you ask a question that would fit their random answer. It’s like Jeopardy, you get the answer, and then ask a question. It would look like this: Steve: Hippopotamus John: What is your favorite animal? George Clooney. Bob: Who is your celebrity crush? Pineapples. And so on and so forth. Obviously this example is meant to be straightforward, in actual play you would try to make it funny. For example, when Steve said “Hippopotamus”, John could have been a savage and asked the question “What animal does your mother most resemble?” However, John is not a savage, and thus, he did not. The goal is to be funny and witty and clever. Questions don’t have to be personal either. You don’t need them to be directed at “you”. You could phrase it as a trivia question, like in Jeopardy, or any other type of question. It just has to make sense with the answer. Of course, after you ask a question, you must write your own answer. Answers should be vague, to allow room for the future questioner to interpret it, but they should be more than one word. For example, John could have said “George Clooney as character in movie”, to make things more interesting. Try not to point the Questioner in a certain direction, let them run with it. You should put some thought into your answer however. Don’t just be random. Randomness is rarely funny. That goes for the questioner too. Now that all that Jazz is out of the way, lets start. “My long quarantine hairstyle.”
  2. So this game is pretty simple. It’s a chain style game like boon/bane and a bunch of other forum games. Basically you answer the previous person’s question, then ask a question for the next person. If you want to answer a question that someone else already answered, go for it! Just be sure answer the most recent question as well. Questions can be serious, random, memes, whatever, just like in the actual AMA section. I only ask that you do your best to do more than a one word answer, that’s how threads like this die. Pretend every question has the follow up question: “Why”. I will start with the most wonderfully insightful question: What is the color of your toothbrush? edit from way in the future: plz stop asking boring questions that is all like if someone asks "whats your favorite non-sanderson book" one more time ima scream
  3. Most of my other topic intros are fairly long, so let’s try and make this as short as possible. This is a chain game, similar to all my other game threads: Assign a Character, Ask Anyone Anything, and Inverse Ask Anyone Anything. (Shameless self-plug WOOOOOOO!) I don’t expect this thread to go on very long, it’ll probably die in just a few days, but let’s make it a great few days. How to play: Someone gives you a scenario, you say the worst thing you could possibly say in that scenario (“worst” being most awkward, most inappropriate, most rude, whatever; as long as it’s funny. (and within 17th shard guidelines)), then give a scenario to the next person. All scenarios must start with “What’s the worst thing to say”. Examples: What’s the worst thing to say to your Mother-In-Law? What’s the worst thing to say at a high school dance? What’s the worst thing to say when you rear-end someone’s car? As you can see, there are numerous ways you could follow the phrase “What’s the worst thing to say”. You could do WTWTTS to a person, WTWTTS at a place, WTWTTS when something happens, whatever, as long as it makes sense, and gives the following person room to make something funny. You can be as detailed as you want in your prompt or your response. Sometimes long rambling answers can be really funny, if they’re done right. You could create a whole awkward interaction between 2 characters or whatever. You don’t need to directly answer the question. The question is just a prompt, as long as the answer to the prompt is somewhere in your response, you’re good. You could open your response with some in-depth worldbuilding, you could write an entire book in your response, as long as somewhere in your book there’s an awkward scene where a character says something awkward that answers the prompt. Also, you can respond to an earlier prompt if you wish, just quote it so we know what you’re doing, and after that be sure to answer the latest prompt as well. Don’t forget to add your own prompt after you do all that. I’d also like to encourage upvoting stuff, if someone posts something you chuckled at, show your appreciation, give them some of those wonderfully delicious internet points of uselessness! Well that wasn’t too long. Let’s get started. What’s the worst thing to say when someone asks you out on a date?
  4. From the album Danex’s Album of Random Stuff

    me as a cat because idk it just happened
  5. From the album Danex’s Album of Random Stuff

    me as a cat again but just with literal actual cat eyes edited on
  6. I'm rereading WoR right now and in one of the Shallan flashback chapters she is given an Aluminum Necklace from her father. This stuck out to me because the necklace isn't that important, she gives it away to save Jushu soon afterward. Why point out that it's Aluminum, something we know to be important investiture-wise, if it is just gonna be given away? My thoughts are that it might've been protecting Shallan from the Unmade's influence a little bit but I don't think we actually know if she ever wore the necklace. The only other reason I can think of specifically mentioning Aluminum is to say that maybe Aluminum is common on Roshar? When she tries to give it to the person Jushu owes money to, he says it's worth less than the quality knives her other brothers got. I think Aluminum was mentioned for a very specific reason here but I'm not quite sure what. Thoughts? EDIT: I have finished my reread and totally forgot that she actually kills her father with this exact necklace so that might be something else to consider.
  7. So there are a few threads where people talk about who would be the best actor to play X Sanderson Character in a movie, and I figured It'd be fun to do the reverse. Give an actor and the person below you says which Sanderson Character that actor would best portray and why. Then they give a different actor for the next person. To start I'll give Robert Downey Jr. RDJ. Iron Man. Which character would he do best?
  8. So this is a game my family likes to play together. We don’t really have a name for it, but the game starts whenever anyone says “I’m thinking of something”. It’s basically 20 questions, except you can think of literally anything, and there’s infinite questions. It’s ridiculous. There’s no turns or anything, when you play irl everyone is just shouting questions at the same time, and the answerer just has to really quick say “yes” or “no” to anyone and everyone. This probably works better irl because you can ask questions like “have I seen it this week” or “is there one in this room” but let’s see how we do. So some rules to forum-ize it. 1. All questions must be “yes-or-no” questions, but the answerer doesn’t have to answer “yes” or “no”. You do have to answer the question, but you can give more info if you want, just not less. 2. You can ask as many questions as you want per message, just keep it reasonable. Let’s set a vague limit of 10-ish. Also, maybe number your questions if you’re doing a lot in one message. This is to try and mimic the chaos that happens in an irl game. Edit 2a. Read all the questions that have been asked for the current Thing before asking your own. We’re only 2 pages in and have had a ton of redundant questions. Edit 2b. If the answerer hasn’t seen your last question yet and you have a new one, just edit that post, no need for another one. 3. Whoever successfully guesses the last person’s gets to do the next one, but if they don’t want to they can just say they’re dropping it and the next person to post can do it. Here are some notable things people have thought of when I’ve played, if you’re looking for inspiration. Data (the android from Star Trek), A Canadian Dollar, The Knights Templar, A Ship’s Anchor, The Abstract Concept of Knowledge, The Game 20 Questions, A Printing Press, Uranium, Obama, and a lot more. This is probably a bad idea.....welp. I’ll start with something simple. I’m thinking of something.
  9. I’ve recently had to transition to using my phone to be on the Shard, and I cannot figure out how to display signatures for the life of me. Is it possible on mobile? Are there any other mobile-only things I should be aware of?
  10. While I was reading this absolute beast of a book, I wrote down thoughts as I had them. I didn’t want to restrict myself by being super detailed or organized, I just sorta rambled as I read. Hence the name. A lot of the notes are just small little things I noticed, but a lot of them are rather cool, probably deserving of their own thread eventually. I would like to stress that I wrote these all as I was reading, if you don’t understand that, a lot of the things I say don’t make any sense. Also some of the epic reveals that I totally called won’t seem as impressive. Here’s the google doc, I have it on suggest intentionally, people can sorta add their own thoughts in response to mine. Don’t worry, it’s just a copy, you won’t accidentally ruin anything. Here is the whole thing in a spoiler too, so you can quote and respond easier. It’s long though, open at your own risk. Also, it removed a ton of formatting, so it might be harder to read or tell what I’m saying/emphasizing. I would absolutely love it if you guys would read this and comment on it. I think I noticed a few rather interesting things that I don’t see a lot of people talking about.
  11. Decided to make a thread to celebrate the best webcomic ever, Dr. McNinja. It is hilarious and actually has a really good overarching story too. You should absolutely check it out. They have a whole 'new readers' section which I linked to, but the rundown is that you should start at 'Meet the Doctor and His Friendly Staff' and then just go linearly. You can go back and read 'Issue One Half'' later. Disclaimers: Preview: Also, spoiler policy. I want people to share their favorite moments from the comics, but try and put all images in spoiler boxes with a tag saying which comic and page it's from. For example: 'Meet the Doctor and His Friendly Staff' Pg. 2 Gonna ping everyone who responded to my Status Update saying they'd check it out. @Scout_Fox @Truthless of Shinovar @Condensation
  12. Civ 6 is on sale right now for 30$, and I’m wondering if I should snag it, but 30 bucks is a lot for a broke-ish High School student. Thoughts? Who here has played it? Does it get boring? Is it worth 30$?
  13. If you got a boon and a bane from the nightwatcher, (let’s say your boon was good luck for a year, and your bane was seeing upside-down for the rest of your life) and then you burned Aluminum, would that get rid of the boon/bane? Aluminum sorta ‘cleanses’ all investiture from the person’s soul/spiritweb right? Would it depend on the type of boon/bane? What about compounding gold, gold healing tries to restore you to your spiritual ideal right? Would that remove them? Could either one of these remove a bane but keep a boon? If you perceived the good luck as apart of you, but still saw the upside-down vision as some outside handicap affecting you, and then compounded gold, what would happen? I’ve checked the arcanum and couldn’t find anything that mentioned aluminum and the Nightwatcher together.
  14. I just realized there isn’t really a place to talk about RoW for those of us who are wanting to avoid the Preview Chapters. So I made one. Again, this is only for people who HAVE NOT read any preview chapters at all. Only up to Oathbringer. What do you guys think is going to happen? I don’t think Adolin survives this book, ngl. I am almost positive he’s gonna die at some point, either this or book 5. The only real dangling thread in his arc is Maya and all that, and I feel like that could be resolved in one book. Kal is definitely getting some rad Radiant Armor, if that is what happens when he swears the next oath. Point is he’s definitely swearing next oath, my bet is around halfway through the book. Navani might die, could see that fitting well into Dalinar’s arc. Because he hasn’t been through enough, obviously. I really don’t have any predictions for Shallan, she’s kinda a wild card to me right now. So what about you guys, thoughts on my predictions? Predictions of your own?
  15. So it’s a continuing plot point in MBE2 that you can’t fire bullets out of a bendalloy bubble because they refract and do crazy stuff. Couldn’t you just stick the barrel of the gun outside the bubble and shoot it? I thought that maybe that would ‘pop’ the bubble but that doesn’t really make sense, bullets have been shot through bubbles before without them popping, so why would sticking something out of the bubble pop it.
  16. Basically the title. I missed out on a lot of the big reveals through spoilers or other accidents. For example, in WoR I was just flipping through the book trying to find my spot (I wasn’t using a bookmark) and I saw the words “Jasnah said” so that was ruined for me. Also, I read Warbreaker after Stormlight, so when Nightblood showed up I didn’t get it at all. I also found out that Zahel and Azure were from Warbreaker before I read it, so my reaction was just “oh, they’re from that one book, okay then”. Also, I read secret history before Bands of Mourning, which is technically fine, but knowing that Kel was alive at all kinda took some punch out of BoM in my opinion. So what about you guys? What were some of your reactions? Which ones were ruined for you? What about some reveals that aren’t even explicitly stated in the books, like Vasher and Vivenna being in Stormlight? Did you figure out it was them while reading? If not, how did you find out, and what was your reaction?
  17. I had a thought the other day: “Why do metalminds act the way they do? Why does gold store health? Why doesn’t steel or something store health?” I figured that was a pointless thing to think about, the answer seems pretty obvious, Brandon just wanted it to. It’s his magic system. But then I had another thought: “Why does gold store health? Why doesn’t gold store sickness?” This might actually be something worth thinking about. Why do the metals store the positive/useful attribute? Why does gold store health and not sickness? Why does brass store warmth and not cold? I guess that one makes more sense, as cold is really just the absence of heat. Why does bronze store wakefulness and not drowsiness? Is it possible, through some sort of hack, to create an inverted metalmind? Probably not, but it’s mildly interesting to think about.
  18. This is a thread for all those little things that you want to share, but don’t quite need their own thread. Stuff like: ideas that you haven’t fully fleshed out yet, character outlines that you haven’t used, writing prompts you think could be fun, opening paragraphs that don’t have anything following them. Just those random Bits n Pieces that you want to share or want some feedback on. Here are some openings for some short stories that I wrote forever ago and haven’t continued. I wrote them late at night and hardly remember doing it, but they aren’t horrible, so I’ll share as an example for what this thread could be. “A Kingdom Conferred by a Handshake” “The Storyteller”
  19. Been reading through Arcanum Unbounded again, and my mind keeps coming back to Gemmel. He’s so interesting, I think there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. I think it’s all but confirmed that Gemmel has a Hemalurgic spike. He’s definitely being influenced by Ruin, and that’s most likely via a spike. “Was directed” definitely refers to Ruin. Side note, there are only 3 WOBs about Gemmel, and that’s a problem. All y’all that go to signings need to get on this. Anyways, there’s this one thing that Gemmel says: It’s later in this same paragraph where Kelsier notices that the mists seem to be afraid of Gemmel, moving away from him. This is something we know to happen with one who is hemalurgically spiked, in case you need more proof. My question is, Who are the other three? Other mistborn Gemmel’s trained? Also, what exactly does Kelsier have to be strong for? At this point, what are Ruin’s plans for Kel? There are a lot of other things I’d like to say about Gemmel, but it’s late and I’m tired so I’ll come back to this later.
  20. I’m thinking about getting back on Discord, and I wanted to know if any cool people* are on the 17th shard server. I wouldn’t want to join only to find that it’s full of non-cool people, right? * ‘cool people’ are defined as people reading this thread.
  21. Disclaimer: This might not be the right section for this but I think it’s okay. It’s kinda a game so I thought about putting it there, but then it is more of a discussion so maybe Cosmere Discussion’s the place, but then it’s really only about Mistborn so I decided to put it here. This thread is about answering one theoretical question: What would you do if you learned Hemalurgy was possible in real life? Not all the metallic arts, or any other magic system, just Hemalurgy. Obviously it would function differently because Allomancy and Feruchemy wouldn’t exist for it to steal, but let’s say it instead can steal base human attributes, strength, intelligence, other stuff like that. It’s still just as gruesome and horrifying as in Mistborn. Let’s also say that you know these 2 things for 100% certain. 1. You know that Hemalurgy exists and that you aren’t crazy. 2. You know that you are the only person that knows. Now comes the fun part. What would you do with this information? Would you become a serial killer and use it to your advantage? Hopefully not, that sounds horrible. Would you take this secret to your grave? Would you work to keep it a secret? Who would you tell? Your family? Friends? The 17th Shard? Who would believe you? Maybe you would disguise the fact that you know by posting a thread asking a “theoretical” question to the community. Would you tell the government? Can they be trusted with this knowledge? What about the scientific community? In what scenarios could you justify using it or revealing it exists? Would you experiment with it yourself? Maybe try to use it to save lives...somehow? I encourage y’all to think about this from every angle. I’ll edit in my own thoughts later. Happy Theorizing! My thoughts:
  22. Do we know if each Shard was shattered equally? Like they each got the same amount of investiture? Speaking of that do we even have a unit for investiture? I guess Breaths maybe? But what I'm really wondering is if Sazed could just OHKO Odium out of existence. Ignoring Intent and stuff, because I doubt Preservation would be down for destroying Odium. But if we ignore Intent, is Harmony literally, exactly, twice as powerful as any other shard?
  23. So does Taldain have noodles or not
  24. So, My understanding of Allomancy is that we have the 16 base metals (Iron, Steel, Tin, Pewter, Zinc, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Cadmium, Bendalloy, Gold, Electrum, Chromium, Nicrosil, Aluminum, and Duralumin) and then the 2 god metals (Atium and Lerasium). If that's the case, what the heck is Malatium? The "Eleventh Metal" doesn't seem to fit with the pattern.