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Found 2 results

  1. The ponies of Ponyville found Weirdo sitting on his porch with his eyes closed, playing a mournful melody on his accordion. As they gathered around him, forming a semi-circle, they began glancing at each other in confusion. Weirdo had to know that they had decided it was time for him to drink the Elixir, but he seemed completely nonplussed. Shouldn't he be trying to resist or something? A few minutes later, when Princess Luna arrived, Weirdo stood up and began trotting down the path that led to Zecora's hut in the Everfree forest, his eyes still closed, occasionally taking a bite of the pickle sandwich he was holding, and all the while he kept playing that melancholy song on his accordion. Which was really quite impressive, if you stop to think about it. The village ponies followed behind weirdo, listening to that sad song and whispering quietly to one another. Once they reached Zecora's hut Weirdo trotted right inside, scooped a ladleful of the Elixir, and drank it in one gulp. His sad song reached a conclusion, the last note drawn out and lingering in the air as Weirdo slumped to the floor unconscious. So it was that everypony was actually quite surprised when the billowing smoke over the cauldron revealed that Weirdo was, in fact, a Changeling. Prism had been on her way home from Zacora’s hut, after successfully finding another of the changelings. She had been in a very good mood, whistling and walking back through the Everfree forest. She had been so lost in thought, that she hadn’t noticed the rustling in the bushes as she walked past. Although to be honest, the bushes were always being rustled in the Everfree forest, so that was to be expected. The next thing she knew, she had been pounced on and pinned to the ground from behind. It was too dark to see who had jumped her. Besides, her face was kind of buried in the dirt. She heard a laugh that made her blood turn cold. “I got you!”, the voice said. Prism panicked. What was she going to do? She had finally been captured by the changelings. Or, THE, changeling? She didn’t hear any other voices. Was this the last one? She had to do something, and quick. If she could turn the tables, ponyville would be saved! Before she knew what was happening, Prism’s eyes began to glow, and the changeling was suddenly knocked back with a sudden burst of energy! The element of magic! It had activated! The next thing she remembered, she was standing alone in the middle of the Everfree forest. Hmmm. The changeling got away. Maybe I should’ve practiced with this thing a little. She had no idea how she had used magic without being a unicorn? But, she was glad it had still worked for her somehow. Magic is unpredictable after all. She was proud that Princess Celestia had chosen her to hold one of the Elements. She had been given a golden opportunity, and she hoped she had done her best with it. (NOTE: The second part of this writeup was written by @BrightnessRadiant. If you liked it, you should go give her upvotes. :)) Ornstein was lynched! He was a A Changeling! The Changelings attempted to kidnap somepony, but the kidnap failed! Vote Tally: Ornstein (6): Bridge Boy, Paranoid King, Seonid, BrightnessRadiant, Jedal, Anonymous Player List:
  2. Winter is ending, snow falling hard all around. The mountain passes have been covered in snow, keeping you all stuck in the Duladel trading outpost you visited late in the season. Hopefully the winter will be short, but now, a new pressure has arisen. Mai, a lonely trader, not one to talk much, was found outside the outpost, flayed and sacrificed. You know the signs, Followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries are stuck in the outpost with you, making their sacrifices daily. Snowed in, you have no chance but to find them and kill them before they kill you. All Traders: Must submit one vote through a PM to the GM(Mailliw73), once during every cycle hour period. These votes will be made public at the end of the period, and the most voted for player will be sent to die in the snow. You may vote however you wish in the thread, but the vote received in the PM will be your official vote. Anyone who does not either talk to the Outpost’s Owner(the GM), come to the community dinner meetings, or meet with other traders for two consecutive days will freeze in their rooms. Follower of the Mysteries: The followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries must each send one vote for sacrifice via PM to the GM (Mailliw73) per cycle in addition to their normal vote. The most voted for player, in this fashion, will be sacrificed for their own mysterious purpose. Priest of Jesker: The Priest of Jesker is a learned man, and can identify the sacrifice of the Jeskeri Mysteries, having tried to root them out in the past. The Priest may investigate one other player per day (by contacting the GM) to learn if they are a follower of the Mysteries or not. Jindoeese Soldier: The Jindoeese Soldier is trained in the art of ChayShan and can guard one player at night. Anyone who attacks the trader whom the Soldier is guarding will be fought off and the protected trader will not die. Rulo: The Rulo is the fool who managed to get himself stuck in a trading outpost he had no business being in. He’s a bit kayana, so every night he scrawls a message somewhere in the outpost, too bored to sleep. Seon Holder: The Seon Holder makes it so that anyone can send messages(PMs) to any other living players. As long as a Seon Holder is alive, there is no limit to PMs, except that the GM must be included in all of them. The game will start on Monday, November 23rd, at 3:30 MST. Cycles will be 24 hours long. Rollovers will be at 3:30 PM MST/10:30 PM GMT. Spec doc available upon request. The order of actions is as follows: Rulo Message Soldier Lynch Priest Sacrifice Quick Links: