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  1. Hey there, I think people in the Discord server were planning a meetup that you could join. I personally won't be able to make it but check or ask in the events-and-streams channel of the discord https://discord.gg/17thshard
  2. I don't know if anybody else tried to get a ticket to the Magic draft event, but wow am I lucky I got one! The site started crashing almost as soon as the tickets went up.
  3. Good point! When combined with what Quantus said, I definitely get now why Rysn wasn't able to be healed. Thanks folks!
  4. Sorry if I'm missing something, but why would Rysn be healed in the first place? I thought she wasn't a Radiant at all and so wouldn't have access to Stormlight healing.
  5. Yeah you're right. I checked the coppermind too. It's a little confusing to me how similar Oathgates are to Perpendicularities but I think the gist is that the Oathgate spren can choose to let you pass or not whereas a Perpendicularity is basically just a portal. Anyway, I can see why the Ghostbloods would want to control at least one Oathgate if they can't control a Perpendicularity. Too bad for them the Knights Radiant want them all working now!
  6. I definitely did not take into account the Oathgates! Do we know how they get in and out of Shadesmar at the end of RoW? And maybe I'm being dumb, but what's the difference between an Oathgate and a Perpendicularity? I remember Shallan and Adolin get to Shadesmar via Urithiru's Oathgate in RoW but can they all do that?
  7. I can definitely see that! Not to sound rude or anything, but this is all a theory at the moment, right? Is there some textual evidence that she was a part of the Ghostbloods at one point? I can certainly see it happening, I just don't know if it for sure did or not.
  8. I considered that but forgot to mention it! Hindsight is 20/20 there I guess. I totally forgot that she might have killed Ghostbloods. If Mraize is being truthful I guess that makes some sense as to why they might want to assassinate her. I hope we do learn some more details eventually!
  9. I was thinking about this and realized I don't have a satisfying answer. I understand that the primary goal of the Ghostbloods is to move Stormlight off of Roshar. Did they want to kill Jasnah because she might potentially figure out how to do that? How would killing her help them get investiture off of Roshar? Is it just that they don't want competition for stormlight, competition for a seemingly limitless resource (stormlight)? And further if they don't want competition for stormlight access, doesn't that kind of make them enemies of the entire Knights Radiant? I must be missing something because I don't really get why they would want to kill people in the first place. It also seems strange to deliberately makes yourselves enemies of the Knights Radiant if you don't have to.
  10. Hey there! I'd have to go with surgebinding and not even for the main surges. I love how powerful the healing is and how it's connected to spiritwebs / Identity so that Lopen can heal his amputated arm right away but Kaladin can't heal his brand until he's mentally healed from it first.
  11. I can only strums some chords on my ukulele, so nothing too serious. Also I hope I'm replying to things correctly here. I haven't used a forum before pretty much ever which is kind of embarrassing
  12. Lol I've been in this Quagsire a long time! Pretty basic but I love all the Stormlight main characters Kaladin, Dalinar, Shallan, Adolin...if I had to pick one I would have to go with Kaladin
  13. Hi everyone, I'm a longtime cosmere fan but new to this forum. I've been on the Sanderson related subreddits for a while and thought I would like to join here as well. I've read all of the cosmere and I will be going to Dragonsteel 2022! Maybe I'll see some of you there? The cosmere is one of my favorite things ever. While I love everything about it from the magic to the worldbuilding to the plot twists, I have to say my favorite things above all else are the characters.
  14. Great, thank you! I was hesitant to directly edit something having never edited a wiki before, but I'll keep it in mind
  15. Hey there, this is literally my first post ever here so please feel free to remove or point out if this would be better posted somewhere else. I just went on Rysn's Coppermind page for the first time in a while and was a little surprised to see her described as "suffering from paraplegia". I am certainly no authority on this matter (I have an unrelated disability but it does not impact my mobility), but this does not seem like a very positive description of her. Would it be possible to change it to something like "uses a mobility device/wheelchair/other cosmere word for how she gets around"?