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  1. Man, this makes me happy to see fully released. I made those two maps just for fun and to see them linked to a project of this scale is really just the most amazing thing. Huge props to everyone that worked on the project, it is amazing
  2. Thank you, I'm glad you liked them I don't usually use an existing map when I make maps, it actually takes a fair bit longer to mimic something than to make an original work, cause I find myself nitpicking over it, trying to make every little detail match, haha. You can see some of my original maps here. I've thought about making some maps of previously unmapped places, like Nalthis/Hallendren, or the archipelago in Sixth of the Dusk, but those would be tricky. I don't have enough info on the regions to make something that would look cohesive. For example, I'd have Hallendren, Idris, and Pahn Kahl, but I don't have names for other places nearby. It might look kind of empty, you know? Still, though, I might try
  3. Not a weird question at all I do it all in Photoshop. The various map making programs I've seen lack the versatility provided by photoshop.
  4. You have incredible timing, I literally just finished uploading about 10 maps I'd been sitting on haha. The positive reception to these Stormlight maps made me realize I should upload all of my older maps I'd never uploaded. But anyway, I'm happy you like them all! I try to make a wide variety of styles to keep things interesting
  5. Welcome to the community! I'm in the same boat as you, been lurking here for years but made my account just yesterday. You've already seen the fan art maps I made haha.
  6. Hoid is a great choice too! Every time he's in a scene he steals it, haha. Such an interesting character. Can't wait to find out his backstory/motivations.
  7. I sure do, lots and lots haha. Although I'm not very good at keeping it up to date, I do have a Deviant Art page here: . I try to do a variety of styles of map, so they aren't going to look like these 3 Stormlight maps I did, but I'm sure you'll see similarities in my style across some of them.
  8. I totally understand, and I appreciate you explaining it as well. It seemed like a long shot, but I couldn't help but ask Thank you for your compliments as well, they mean a lot coming from you, as well as from Brandon himself on Reddit. You've both made my whole year, haha. I'll DM you my info, also. Thank you again for everything and for the amazing artwork you've given all of us.
  9. You may be right. I will email them and see if I can get a definitive answer. And while it's a long shot, I'd love to see if they'd be interested in using them in one of their 10th Anniversary editions, if they think they are high enough quality. We'll see Thank you for your help.
  10. In that link, it does state "You may sell prints and stickers of your fan art and other transformative works at your regional convention." My maps are based off the art inside the books, but they are original creations. I create them from scratch. And he says you can sell prints of them off of deviant art or at a regional convention. Wouldn't these fall under that bullet point? I'm genuinely curious.
  11. Ah yes, you are correct there. I said the same thing in my original post on reddit, but forgot to put it in here. That particular map probably wouldn't be the best for prints to be made of, at least not yet. I do think it's a very strong possibility that it refers to Ashyn, but it would suck to be wrong about that and have a wrong print on hand, haha. It's a bit too sparse of a map in general, honestly. I played around with the idea of including the locations revealed in Oathbringer in Shadesmar, but felt that it would make the map too lopsided, with only locations in a portion of the eastern half. I'd love to revisit it once more locations are revealed, and after the Expanse of the Broken Sky is confirmed.
  12. Well if I have my way, I'll make them all I've been making maps for over 10 years now, and with any luck I'll still be making them the next 50 years as well, haha.
  13. That's the hope! I'm not very artistically gifted outside of mapmaking, but I'd love to keep making more maps. That being said, I'm unsure what to adapt in my own style next. The Elendel Basin, perhaps? Or should I do something that hasn't already been made in the official art, like Nalthis/Hallendren or the archipelago from Sixth of the Dusk?
  14. Thank you! Yeah, I posted them all over the place over there, so no doubt you saw them
  15. Hey, thanks for the welcome As far as the subreddits go, I'm a part of a bunch. Stormlight_Archive, Cosmere, Mistborn, imaginarycosmere, and, of course, cremposting haha. I just posted my fan arts maps too Check them out if you get a chance. And favorite character? Probably a split between Kaladin and Wax. Gotta shout out to my man Talanel too, though he hasn't had a chance to shine just yet haha