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  1. I think misleading and not correcting false assumptions is still lying. Strange behavior of someone who is a splinter of Honor. His behavior leads me to believe that he has his own intentions and goals, not the same as Honor's. But he is limited by Honor's orders (maybe he took some oaths). At least his interpretation of those orders is drastically different from how Honor intended them.
  2. Pretty sure it is the same description as when Dalinar was traveling to meet Ishar. Pretending to be Stormfather only makes sense if it is aimed at a reader. If you want to deceive Gavilar, a better option is to pretend to be a Herald or a god. Only someone powerful can hack a vision. Ishar and Cultivation are the only characters that come to mind(don't but spren of Everstorm because of the timeline - Odium is bound by the oathpact at that moment). Both of them can manipulate Gavilar without fake Stormfather deception. I am a bit surprised at the general reaction to Stormfather in the prologue. My read of the prologue was that Stormfather is secretive, manipulative, and can't be trusted. Plus Stormfather felt pretty honest with Gavilar at his last moments. Why keep deception at that moment?
  3. I don't know why she tried to kill her. I only have a theory with too many assumptions. 1) I strongly believe in Mother-Herald theory. 2) Ghostbloods and Testament were after Mishram. 3) Heralds knew her location and didn't want her free(I believe Kalak changed his mind after Everstorm). In that period letting her free would have restored singers. Before Everstorm, even if Taln would have broken, the Fused didn't have bodies to possess. 4) I think the confrontation happened because Shallan and Testament found out the location. Why the Herald would freak out and try to kill her daughter because she was a Radiant?Trying to protect the secret of Mishram's location is more plausible. Still messed up, but more plausible
  4. I don't buy delusion or Unmade influence. It is too vague for me. Not all of her memories were restored. ("There are still holes in my past..") The next truths can recontextualize previous events. I believe it is not explicitly stated when she killed her in the garden. The reasons behind the killing may tie to her mother and therefore the next truth.
  5. I have no idea. The glowing may be a clue to something more interesting or just great visual with a trivial explanation: because they have a connection Not reliable. At the moment of the quote she didn't admit to herself she killed a blade. She refers to the blade as Pattern.
  6. Those drawings helped her to find what was wrong with the Tower. Random delusion helped her to identify that something was wrong? Unmade was in the Davar's household sometime in the past. There is no proof that it was there in that instance. But it is a possible explanation. I am just not convinced.
  7. But Cryptics were there. And Tower was corrupted. She saw better than others. The light behind the painting was not lightweaving. And I don't see any proof that it was a delusion.
  8. She "lightweaves" things that aren't there. In that case, others see them too. Jushy saw nothing. Don't remember any instance of her seeing something that was not there.
  9. How to explain this: It was hidden behind a painting of a storm at sea that did nothing to dim the powerful white glow. Right through the canvas, she saw the outline of the strongbox blazing like a fire. She stumbled, pulling to a stop. “What are you staring at?” Jushu demanded, holding to the bannister. “The light.” “What light?” “Behind the painting.” He squinted, lurching forward. “What in the Halls are you talking about, girl? It really did ruin your mind, didn’t it? Watching him kill Mother?” Jushu pulled away from her, cursing softly to himself. “I’m the only one in this family who hasn’t gone crazy. The only storming one…” Shallan stared into that light. There hid a monster. There hid Mother’s soul.
  10. I think Shallan killed Testament earlier than she killed her mother. 1) The thing that bothers me is that Shallan saw the presumable blade in the locked strongbox long after she killed her mother. The sequence of the events: -Killed her mother -Saw the blade being put in the strongbox -Went to sleep -Went to the garden -Summoned alive spren -Killed spren -Returned the dead blade into the strongbox. It doesn’t make sense. 2) My assumption is that she killed her spren before the encounter with her mother. That can explain why the blade was in the strongbox for so long. 3) One of the simplest explanations of why a spren would choose to bond with a child is bad intentions. I think Testament was using Shallan to get information about her mother. I support the theory that Shallan’s mother was a Herald. 4) Ghostbloods are interested in Mishram. Some of the Heralds were there during her imprisonment. Heralds may have information about her whereabouts. 5) Cryptics study deadeyes to find a way to bring them back. 6) It is possible to convince a Cryptic that finding Mishram is in their best interest. 7) Hence, Testament could have been working with the Ghostbloods. 8) Shallan could have found out, felt betrayed and killed Testament accidently in the Garden. Then told her mother about the whole thing. Why her mother freaked out? And who was the second victim, the man Shallan’s mother brought to the encounter?
  11. I would be very surprised if a duel would be the only climax too. It probably will be something akin to Adolin's duel in WoR or the battle for Kholinar palace in Oathbringer. But I assume it would be a turning point for the whole series. That's why the involvement of the majority of the main characters either in the setup or actual fight is a fair point to make. Whatever the real climax, it will be directly set up by the aftermath of the contest.
  12. I think after releasing Mishram, the first oath will suffice. But it's just a guess. It will be a nice way to end their conflict. Probably the most satisfying end of Adolin's arc. To be honest I never even considered Shallan. It will be odd if Shallan, as the main character, doesn't have any involvement in the fight. Shallan vs Kaladin is interesting in the sense that Kaladin won't hurt her in any circumstances and she is able to outsmart him. But my gut feeling is that her involvement will be crucial in the setup of the fight. Gaining some crucial advantage for the good guys.
  13. That is actually a great point. Defeating the Shards not through some loophole or direct fight, but by rejecting them as a god. The "fight for the hearts of men" as Odium said it. And I think you are right about singers and humans making amends. If both humans and singers reject Odium, he is done. But it most likely will be the endgame of Book 10, not Book 5. Agree about a "good guys lose ending".But it won't be a total defeat. Just a position that is slightly worse than before with a glimmer of hope for the future. Taln is probably the best choice for the champion. But my pick will be one of the current main characters. It is more narratively satisfying. It is a huge plot point that should be resolved by the characters that we are attached to. Taln will most likely replace Kaladin in the back five as the main character. I think he will be "cured" by the end of Book 5, but not much more. Don't think there is much time for Oathbringer's revival. Maybe he will wield a Honorblade or Nightblood. Maybe he can summon part of Stormfather essence. Maybe you can't use the shard in the fight and both sides will use regular weapons.
  14. I agree that the most poetic way to defeat TOdium is to outsmart him. But I am a bit skeptical that by the end of Book 5 the Odium threat is done. I believe the Cosmere wide stuff is beyond the Stormlight series, and that will leave us with Cultivation as the main threat. Though she does have some appeal as the villain. She is not evil but detached from everything human. The Radiants (who play with powers that destroyed their previous planet) vs the goddess of Nature is quite appealing. Lol. Honesty is seriously his best strategy.