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  1. A good question is could a smoker concentrate all of the absorption on to themselves and be more resistant to copper cloud peircing
  2. discussion

    Good point
  3. Yeah it really does depend but the obviously powerful ones are obviously powerful but the other ones might be pretty usefull too.
  4. Also I love this forum it's like "Hey welcome to the Shard" but in the next phase say (I mean no offense by this) "yeah that's old news" But I mean I probably should have expected it. If you have an idea someone probably had it before you did (especially in a community like this).
  5. (Replying to Weltall) yup I have not yet Finished WoR. And since I am new (both to The 17th Shard and Brandon Sanderson) I know nothing of what has happened before but, thanks for informing me.
  6. First off, I Looooooovvve Witt. He is just so funny. But are we going to ignore when(before he before his story to Kalidan in jail) he was tuning him instrument and he said "perfect pitch makes this so much easier." Implying that he didn't have perfect pitch before... HOID IS AN AWAKENER!!!!!!!
  7. It could be that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I'm curious too honestly maybe it increases your innate memory storage.
  9. Big brain plays
  10. discussion

    Yeah I think gravitation would probably be too op as well. Thanks for feedback
  11. I finished The Alloy of Law recently and I really like the concept of Compounding metals. I was hoping to start a discussion on what you think the best/coolest metal to compound would be. I would honestly go for steel. Literally nothing could hit you. Let me know your thoughts. : )
  12. First time on the 17th shard forum but I was just thinking on back when Jasnah used the transformation surge at long range and I was wondering if other surge binders could mess with surges at long range (like a skybreaker or windrunner changing an object's gravitational effect without touching said object). Cause all I can think of is Szeth walking down a street pointing finger guns toward things and them just exploding.(I have only read way of King and am partway through Words of Radiance so please no spoilers). I'm hoping to start a friendly discussion. : )