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  1. Hello humans! A question here. If you can have a Nightblood of your own making, what command would you give it instead?
  2. I think that it can offer a lot of versatility and freedom for those who has an artist’s hand? Uhmm kinda because of the whole precision thing being an innate thing and so you can basically focus more on what you want and not the how. As for me, it is a bit obvious but I’d like to be an Elsecaller simply because I’d like the surges of the order. Plus, the fact that I am with scholarly people like Jasnah totally is a bonus.
  3. Hello humans! If there is any advice that you’d like to give to a character or characters in general, what would it be? PS. Mine would probably be DO NOT TRUST THE TEXTS IN WHATEVER PLANET YOU BELONG TO. Humans, tsk, just because it is old does not mean it is wise!
  4. This is a interpretation from a ketek that was uttered before death. It evoked in me something of a mystery first and a reflection, second. Note that this interpretation is not a theory of sorts on the events of cosmere. I was thinking more of Shallan and my struggles when I wrote this and the feelings involved there. This is the link, if anyone's interested: Illuminating storms *I just had to post this because I feel like I had to.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement of Hoid. In that sense, Sanderson had been my favorite storyteller. He had broaden my mind and made me rethink my current perspectives of the world's workings especially when I read SA. Was there ever a point like that for you? Mine is certainly Jasnah's statement about the role of a woman. It is after reading the epigraph that I realize that it is truly absurd to even think that there is a certain "role" we must live up to. It is a refreshing persepective and certainly something that I want to adapt as my own.
  6. True. In conjunction to the first Ideal being mentioned, I think Teft's 3rd Ideal is also worth mentioning. I had one of my depressive episodes when I read it and honestly, it truly made me cry so bad. I will protect those I hate. Even if the one I hate most is myself.
  7. I'd like to choose this topic to be my introduction to the 17th shard. Out of all the cosmere novels, what particular book and particular quote did hit you truly? Like, you just stop and put the book on your chest because it feels too close to what you are experiencing at the moment?
  8. Kelsier. I still can't picture him being BLONDE.
  9. Emotionally? It has to be that conversation of Shallan and Hoid on the chapter 'The Girl Who Stood Up'. I swear, the moment Shallan saw the difference between the two illusions i.e she forgave herself on the other, and Hoid saying it's okay to live on. It hit home. Almost didn't finish the storming book because of that chapter.