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  1. Well you were up for the lynch, not in my faction, and I was mildly worried about lynching Weasel again.
  2. I think I can get behind a lynch on Swan.
  3. What if Devotion has a win con to stop X number of lynches?
  4. You can see that I asked Seonid if a neutral role was a possibility, just in case my interpretation of the rules was off. The equivalent in a different game would be someone claiming to have a secret role when the rules expressly forbid them. Of course you would vote for such a person. Also, in faction games there aren't really "safe" lynches. There was no detail necessary. A GM response was all we needed, and we got it. Anything else was wasted typing.
  5. For starters, I propose we lynch Magenta Albatross for the way they pushed for the lynch on Scarlet Octopus when they tried to encourage discussion. Irrespective of the relevance of the discussion, it struck me as very noteworthy that he immediately tried to drum up support for a lynch because of what was at worst a mistake. This makes me suspect that he's directly interested in the elimination of either lots of players, or something along the line of 'wipe out X unique factions' or 'have X players from unique factions among the dead'.
  6. I suppose I'm left wondering how a win condition that doesn't change how anyone else wins would be fun/exciting.
  7. If a player belongs to a faction, then by definition they are not neutral. If they claim to be, then there is no point in trying to work with them. A quiet disposal by mob rule would be best in that case.
  8. To me the phrasing in the rules "The players will be divided into five different factions" means that there are no neutral players. @Seonid, are there any players not belonging to one of the 5 factions? If there aren't, I propose we lynch Toucan next cycle.
  9. So, I’m a bit lost. I’m not used to games that have 27 people in them, and I’m having trouble managing my notes because of that, which is why i haven’t posted yet. (Also, I haven’t had enough time to post anything other than “Hey, still reading, i’ll post when I have time”) So, if anyone has any advice on how to watch for relationships in a crowd of 30 players with no past profiles to draw from, i would appreciate it. For now though, I’m going to just look at Penguin, Scorpion, Crocodile, and Swan. Those four all had two or more votes on them when Dingo got to 4 votes. (I think) At the moment, I don’t have any other thoughts. Sorry!
  10. Oh! Lmao. That is what you meant earlier that I was accusing myself. Scarlet Octopus
  11. Did I vote on someone? I don't recall doing that.
  12. Yeah, I just wanted to have a memorable entrance. Also, it was really fun to come up with something to say for each of your sentences. Hmm, I did misread Elsecaller as Edgedancer. Why the heck do you care if an elsecaller gets lynched? And yes, I am asking why the lynch cannot be put off indefinitely. We have village killing roles, why not let them stain their hands with the blood of our comrades? No reason to have all of us be guilty. Kthnx [I'll start working on actual analysis after i eat.]