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  1. LG64: Day 5 - Intrusions Hello, all you nice folks! I hear you’re the ones responsible for all this disturbance lately. I rather disapprove, all things considered. The White House is a national treasure, not a playground for bizarre antics. I would say that at this rate, you’d be on the way to an international incident, but oh look! You’ve already caused one. Your ‘Xino’ is but the latest instance of these troubles! If I am not mistaken - and I am very rarely mistaken - then this is the fourth death in the White House this very day. Such a thing has not been seen since I had the honor of holding the Presidency. But I ought not to speak ill of the dead, I suppose. He was not a hero, for heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion. But he died well nonetheless. May his soul rest in peace. As for the rest of you? Good riddance and good day to you. This... xinoehp, was it? Honestly, names these days... Apparently I have to inform you that he’s a librarian, criminal, and ‘anonymous contact’. That’s a spy, presumably, why wouldn’t you just say so? Regardless. Go on, send your petty messages and do whatever you’re doing. I am but a humble haunting, I possess not the power to prevent you. But do get on with it, for this place is far too aflutter with your antics. Nice Folks Who Caused an International Incident Experience - Shard (like a....shard of glass?) Straw - Straw (why would one wish to be known by the name of the utensil through which one drinks liquids?) Kidpen - Arthur Smedry A Joe in the Bush - Porona Candemic Librarian Jail-breaker Criminal. This is a criminal. Coda - Coda Librarian Oculator the only "oculator" I am aware of is a type of beetle, but that cannot possibly be correct Striker - Striker Librarian Therapist Kynedath - Bartholomew Prescot Librarian Trouble Magnet Elandera - Rainier (A potentially troublesome volcano, to be sure) Zillah - Zillah xinoehp512 - xinoehp Librarian Criminal and Anonymous Contact Probable Spy Ironfire - Liability (I dearly hope this is not your given name, for any parent naming a child this is questionable at best) Crystal Knight Gossiper with an Airplane Spoon odd toy? Sart - Sart Elkanah - Karen Crystal Knight Silimatic (I am fairly sure you made this word up. This is not English) Engineer Fifth Scholar - Sergey Karjakin (A right good fellow, I do say), Russian ambassador and secret adviser to the Secretary of Defense (how much of a secret is it really, if it's right here?) Librarian Transporter Professional Driver The God King - The God King (I see your parents were setting the bar quite high for your life) Librarian Curator Shqueeves - Shqueeves (is this some strange, modern onomatopoeia I am unfamiliar with?)
  2. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, was concerned about this death. Who would chill off a Russian ambassador? The man had seemed a good fellow, from the little dealings Calvin had had with him. It made no sense. He was so distracted, he almost bumped into a morose-looking figure. Calvin seemed to recall this was….Porona Candemic? An odd name, that, not that Calvin would judge a man by his name. He put his arm around Porona’s shoulder. “Now, now. Don’t mourn. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. The best way you can honor your friend is through finding who did this. Cheer up.”
  3. I am healthy, my home is in order, I am fed, clean, and rested. Unfortunately, I have determined that in order to maintain those 5 things, I am not going to be able to spend 5 hours of every 72 doing a massive analysis post. In order for me to maintain some level of activity, enough to actually participate meaningfully and to give people a chance to read my, I am going to focus on much narrower posts, and I'm going to forgive myself for ignoring large portions of the thread, and for abandoning my detailed notes. If I try to catch up on my notes, it will be another 3 hours before I even start talking, and I will be too demotivated to play. Recognizing that, I'm going to actually speak up now. I'm amused by the Edgedancer Messages that you guys have spoken up about in thread, but am going to largely ignore them, I doubt anyone posted anything of relevance in code. I note that Iguana has changed their mind on Falcon, and I can't tell if that's coming from a Village!Iguana who has genuinely changed their mind, or if it's coming from an Elim!Iguana who has given up on being able to lynch Falcon, as the few others who wanted it done (Myself included) switched sides. I still think we need to Skybreak/Lynch Iguana for the information they will provide. If I don't find someone I'm actually suspicious of, I'll put my vote on them. Though, I'm also wondering that no one has Skybroke them already. There has been 2 nights now where Iguana was of interest, and 30+ possible times someone could have rolled skybreaker. I'm not going to bother with the math, I'm no good at Statistics, but I think by now someone probably already has? If they did, I could see them not revealing if they were Village, or if they were Lightwoven at the time. I think we should start revealing scans if they were Lightwoven though, as that will at least give us an idea of who is being protected/protecting. They also talk about Crocodile. I think I missed the controversy about them, I'll have to go back any analyse them tomorrow. Crocodile has posted though, and claims to have slain Rhino. I'm fairly certain that clears them. They wouldn't claim that unless they did it, as the real Releaser would have counterclaimed. The only possible way they could get away with lying about this is if Chameleon was the dustbringer who killed Rhino and Crocodile somehow knew that. That is strong evidence that Crocodile is a Villager. I don't see a need for further discussion on the matter. I should read the thread before I write this, as now 2 different people have said what I said in my paragraph about Iguana. At this point though, I think Iguana is either tunneling, or an elim who is struggling to find reasons to lynch people. I'm a villager struggling to find reasons to lynch people, so I know the feeling. We need more activity. Falcon seems to have a very self aware mentality. I'm largely ambivalent about some of their reads, but disagree with their reason for reading Weasel as Village. Weasel is NAI to me, as their actions could very easily be an attempt to pocked Albatross. Amusingly Falcon also openly states they were defending Elims: I'm fairly certain that was just a typo, as I've made a similair one this game, but if Albatross and Iguana do turn out to both be elims, I'll come back to this. I do disagree with Opal being a Villager because of Rhino's actions. in this game, without dedicated protection, i think the Elims are going to be actively trying to distance themselves from teamates. I almost think it will be more likely for someone an Elim has been trying to get lynched to be an elim then for someone they're defending to be. I still disagree on trusting Iguana, though I'm worried that I'm just tunneling on the amount of information their death will bring. Oh they analysed me. I don't recall saying that, let me go find the post you're talking about: Eh, my reasoning there is pretty clear. I did vote on Lion instead of Rhino, arguably ultimately causing Lion to be lynched that day, but I was attempting to save Albatross with that vote. While talking about Coral swan, you mention putting them down as an Elim because their content is NAI. How are Toucan and I different from that? Is it just because of IRL things? I do agree on your reads of Flamingo and Gecko though, assuming everything you say in their recaps is true. I'll check their posts out tommorow and see what I turn up. Of note though @Emerald Falcon, I don't think you realize how abrasive and just plain mean your read of Kangaroo comes across as. While I would like for them to post more player discussion, any amount of RP still increases Net Fun the game causes. If RP is the only way someone can connect with the games, then people should not be insulted for that. We are a part of the Role-Playing Sub Forum.
  4. Hey y'all. Happy new years. I'm going to be largely inactive till towards the end of the cycle. Feeling absolutely terrible. Carry on without me. I have read the thread though, and albatross is probably legitimate. Plum Rhino
  5. I don't remember. Let me check my notes and last post. Alright, the Worldhopper thing is really weak, and on reread, I don't really think it's so anymore. Next I said you defended Penguin and Zebra, then said you trusted penguin and Iguana. My notes for that post say "Sneakily defends Penguin and Zebra, asks Gorilla and Chameleon to remove votes. Might be trying to stop D1 Lynch." Then on your next post, you indicate you trust Penguin and Iguana. So I guess my only reason to vote on you is that of the three people you pseudo defended on Day 1, one is widely considered to be clear due to being a key vote in killing an elim, one is a villager who was killed in the night, and one was an Eliminator who was lynched in spite of your defense. It, combined with a gut distrust, paints a picture of you trying to protect Zebra, but failing, maybe because a villager stepped in, maybe because your teammate decided to get themself cleared, and then proving that one of the people you trust (Penguin) was indeed a villager. As I type that all out, I'm realizing that this case against you only really works if Saffron Iguana is also an Eliminator. It doens't really work if they are an Eliminator. Emerald Falcon, for now I'm going to just toss my vote on, uh... Wow. Albatross, Lion, Toucan, Iguana and Rhino are up for lynch. I've already said why i don't want to lynch Albatross, Toucan or Iguana right now. That leaves Lion and Rhino. I don't like either of them either, they're both pretty active, and I don't have any read on either. But Rhino has less votes and more posts, so I'll put Lion closer to the lead. I don't think I'm going to change my vote to Albatross unless someone else does first. Vote Tally: Albatross(3): Crocodile, Axolotl, Swan Lion(3): Falcon, Gecko, Octopus Toucan(2): Iguana, AlbatrossIguana(2): Scorpion, Rhino Rhino(1): Vulture I think there is 3 and a half hours left?
  6. First off, I don't understand half of the post I made last night. I will endeavor to talk myself through it more clearly, while also responding to what has been said since. In the light of, kinda day, I do agree that Albatross looks less eliminatory now, and they are speaking up enough that I'd be fine giving them more time to read the thread and post, since they are making an effort. Your vote makes more sense in that light, I think at this point, I'd only try to lynch you if Toucan is an Eliminator, as your actions did save him from a tie. Well Iguana. At this point a lot of people are talking bout you. Albatross and Lion are openly defending you, Vulture and Falcon are discrediting the votes on you, Rhino, Scorpion and I are openly trying to get you lynched, your actions saved Toucan during the first lynch, and you have published reads one almost every player. (I'm saying almost because I have not checked to see if you skipped anyone. I really should do that tomorrow.) If we lynch you, or if you die, we get a lot of reads. More if you're an Elim than if you're a Villager. If you're an Elim, that implicates Albatross, Lion, Vulture, Falcon, and Toucan. If you're a Villager, that could mean that Rhino, Scorpion or I are elims, or just that we latched onto a sketchy turn of good fortune. Either way, if you die, we get information. I don't know why I said you were doing damage. I think I meant it in a corruptive sense? Like that people were listening to you, so if you were an Elim, that would be bad, whereas Toucan hasn't changed how anyone views anyone else? Your guess is as good as mine, and I recommend you ignore that line. As for your read on me, I don't understand it. I did reciprocate. I explained my reasoning for voting on you in that post. I was attempting to solve the game, but the only information I had at the time wast post count and the vote tally. Elaborating on my Statistical method; It doesn't quite work yet. I'm trying to get it to work. I'm basing it off a memory of Aonar Faileas doing this at some point in the distant past. He looked at who was interacting with who, and figured out who was working together that way. My logic is that if two people are mentioning the same player, trying to get them lynched, but aren't mentioning eachother, there's a higher chance they're working together. At the same time, if two players are active debating in the thread, like Albatross and Rhino earlier today, they're probably not on the Elim team together. They could still both be village, but they don't have a hidden connection. I need to figure out how to better organize my notes to figure this out.I'm going to change my Mentions column into a 'Defended' 'Accused' and 'Mentioned' section, but I don't really want to do the work to fix all my past notes for this game, so it'll probably only be going forward, if I find the time to make the switch at all. Finally, I agree that we should start focusing even more on the Players who aren't talking. We have enough time to do that. However, I don't think I want it to be Toucan. I'm no longer thinking you and they are on an elim team together. Too many people, especially you, seem to want to lynch Toucan as a way to prove your alignment. I'm worried we're being set up to lynch Village!Toucan as a way to prove Elim!Iguana. I think that if we lynch Toucan today, we should then lynch you, regardless of alignment. If Toucan is a villager, and you an elim, than we can really look at all the people who actively tied your alignments together. Iguana had the chance to choose who would die. You, or Zebra. They chose Zebra. Zebra turned out to be an AFK Elim. People think they bussed Zebra to protect you. So there's literally no way you can defend yourself. It sucks, but the only way to really defend yourself is to be active enough that people decide to lynch Iguana over you. I have no intention of lynching you unless you're the clear leader in votes. Or unless you do something suspicious. Aww, Sure Axolotl. I'd love to have a friend. You wanna RP together? I've lost track of my RP because of all these stats and I need to get back into it if I want a chance to win the CR challenge so I can run a She-Ra SE game. This is very true. In about 2 hours, I plan to move my vote to whoever has the most votes on them. I would prefer for that to be Falcon. Vote Tally: Albatross(3): Crocodile, Axolotl, Swan Lion(2): Falcon, Gecko Toucan(2): Iguana, AlbatrossIguana(2): Scorpion, RhinoFalcon(1): Octopus Rhino(1): Vulture EDIT: There are now 126 posts made by Non-GM's in this game. That means the average post count of all players is at 5.25. Only 6 players have 6 or more posts. Those 6 players have made a total of 69 posts between them (nice). That means that a quarter of the players are responsible for more than half of the posts. Congrats to Scorpion, Falcon, Albatross, Lion, Rhino and Iguana.
  7. This post is going to have a lot of information, so I apologize in advance for not being in character, but I've spent the last 3 hours reading the thread. Note that this post is going to ignore any posts ninja'ing me. The last post made at the time of writing this was: Post counts vs. mentioned in other posts: Things of Note: Saffron Iguana has the most posts, and has the most mentions by other people. We'll probably get a lot of information from lynching them just from that alone. After that, Sunburst Toucan has been mentioned a lot. I would advocate lynching either of them for information, as we cannot guarantee that a Skybreaker will be effective or trustworthy. @Mint Heron, @Pearl Chameleon and @Sage Kangaroo have not made any posts other than Pure RP. I would love it if you three would say something more. Scorpion, Falcon, Albatross and Iguana are the most active players. Part of that is from Scorpion, Falcon, and Albatross RP'ing with eachother, and part of it is from Albatross and Iguana going back and forth for 8 posts at the end of Day 1. Before their Death, Zebra was only mentioned by Iguana, Dragonfly, Chameleon, Penguin, Falcon, and Rhino. Iguana mentioned them more than the others. (Gorilla also mentioned them, but only to invite them to RP with them. Zebra never spoke or interacted with anyone. Falcon is the only one to say they don't like the lynch on Toucan or Zebra. Dragonfly interacted with Iguana and Zebra, and roleplayed with Penguin. Of these, Iguana is the only survivor. Penguin has interacted with Gorilla, Toucan, Tuatara, Dragonfly, Meerkat, Zebra, and Albatross(Reportedly. Can't prove this one.). They were mentioned by Octopus, Defended by Falcon, Weasel and Gecko. Nothing Iguana has done makes me think he is an elim, but he is tied statistically to both Elims already revealed. He would be a highly informational lynch regardless of alignment. During my readthrough of the thread, I also came across enough things to be suspicious of Emerald Falcon. On day 1, in retrospect, it looks like Falcon is already aware that we're all Worldhoppers (Side note, if anyone isn't a Worldhopper, would they please speak up?) In their next post, they defend Zebra and Penguin in a NAI way. During Night 1, they state that they trust Penguin and Iguana. Penguin died that night, giving credence to Falcon in a round about way. Falcon then defends Albatross from Iguana, who I will discuss next. Today, they have continued to defend Iguana. While I do agree that if Toucan is an Eliminator, than Iguana probably is too, and I also agree that of the two, I would rather lose Toucan than Iguana, I don't think Toucan is the right lynch here. They are not nearly as active as Iguana is, and generally are doing less damage. Onto Albatross! A lot of why I'm suspicious of Albatross has already been covered by Iguana Here: But TLDR; They were looking for any reason to lynch someone, and voted on Toucan for ignoring a meaningless question. They have not been putting forth effort to reread or analyse the thread, backpedaling on what they knew right before Day 1 ended. They read like someone who is not bothering to investigate, but just to appear active and helpful. They're either an Elim or a villager who doens't have the time to spend on doing analysis. In Conclusion, I think that One of (Toucan/Iguana), (Iguana/Falcon), or (Falcon/Albatross) are Eliminator teammates. As Falcon is the most Suspicious of the lot, I'm voting for them. If they get lynched this turn, I would advocate Dustbringing/Lynching Iguana, then Albatross, than Toucan. (If Falcon is a Villager, remove Albatross from that order. I'd want to reread before killing them.) If Albatross is an Elim, Toucan and Iguana most certainly aren't and vice versa. I apologize for how generally disorderly this post is. It's 3 hours past my bedtime. Emerald Falcon EDIT: Storming Spoiler tags suck Vote Tally: Saffron Iguana(1): Amethyst Scorpion Sunburst Toucan(1): Emerald Falcon) Magenta Albatross(1): Mauve Crocodile Emerald Falcon(1): Scarlet Octopus
  8. Max Mercury eyed the assembled crowd. Accusations were flying everywhere; it was just like his dreams. Each of his dreams started this way; with a grisly murder, followed by an extended debate turned riot, then lynch mobs. The same thing had happened back at the warcamps, with the Sons of Honor sabotaging the peace efforts. He had to stop the same thing from happening here. He looked from face to face, reading their emotions and lips, seeing who they were talking to. He made eye contact with Bomer, and remembered the conversation he had had with the man that morning. The irreverent man had seemed earnest enough in his investigations. enough that Max was willing to trust him for now. Then he heard a snippet of a conversation from the scholar Dyfan: What he said was semantically correct, but still wrong, so he stepped forward. "Journey before Destination Dyfan. You imply that the ones among us who have already bonded a spren need to take extra care. I don't think anyone should value themself above another. We have no way of predicting the future, and know not when we shall fall. We should all act without fear of the end. We should all look to the investigation, rather than to self defense. If we are all watching and watching out for eachother, we will have no need to guard ourself." "To that end, I advocate we go after those who are speaking up without confidence. Back at the warcamps, when we hunted the Sons of Honor, the last one left alive survived because she spoke without ever committing. Taladar (Penguin) and Merinira (Iguana) are the two most talkative. While I don't agree with his reasoning, Taladar has at least advocated for someone. So Merinira! @Saffron Iguana Will you tell us who you think most hateful? Or shall I force it from your lips?" _____ Vote Tally: Gorilla(0): Penguin Penguin(2): Gorilla, Toucan Toucan(1): Tuatara, Penguin Chameleon(1): Swan Zebra(2): Chameleon, Penguin Flamingo(1): Crocodile Iguana(1): Octopus
  9. In his dreams, he flew on Lines of Blue. It was dark, and he flew over a crowd of people, lurching this way and that, always being drawn closer and closer to a far off castle with a balcony facing east. A Goddess dwelt within, chained by lies. He would free his savior, no matter what. But no matter how he moved, the Castle got further and further away. "No! Come back! I need you!" Mist began to swirl around him, tightening into hand that grasped him, held him away. "Please! I need--" Max Mercury woke up gasping for breath. Ardent Greg was shaking him awake and yelling, "-- you to wake up Brightlord!" He batted the ardent's hands away and tried to settle his breathing. His Ardent took a respectful step back, wringing his wizened hands together. "Are you well Brightlord? You were calling out in your sleep." Max sat up and swung his legs out of bed. "Another nightmare." He stood up and groaned. "And another headache. They're getting more real. They feel like, memories. They're not like dreams, not anymore." That was why he had come to Urithiru. He had heard that Highprince Dalinar Kholin suffered from similar visions. He needed to know how Dalinar had managed to get through them. "But put them out of your mind Greg. Why did you wake me?" "Radiant Naihar was murdered last night." Max was alert now. Murder? Again? Had the Sons of Honour managed to survive their purge from the warcamps? "How was it done? Did anyone see it happen?" "No my lord. They found the body this morning. Most of the other Radiants are discussing amongst themselves who it could have been. They do know why though. Someone went through his bags and found out he was a spy for Odium." Max frowned as he began to pull on clothing. Odium. An evil counterpart to the Almighty, who Dalinar claimed had never been god in the first place. Max didn't think he really existed, but he hadn't believed in the stories of Heralds or Radiants either. He buckled on his sword and strode forth from the room. He needed more information before he could come to any judgement.
  10. You can see that I asked Seonid if a neutral role was a possibility, just in case my interpretation of the rules was off. The equivalent in a different game would be someone claiming to have a secret role when the rules expressly forbid them. Of course you would vote for such a person. Also, in faction games there aren't really "safe" lynches. There was no detail necessary. A GM response was all we needed, and we got it. Anything else was wasted typing.
  11. For starters, I propose we lynch Magenta Albatross for the way they pushed for the lynch on Scarlet Octopus when they tried to encourage discussion. Irrespective of the relevance of the discussion, it struck me as very noteworthy that he immediately tried to drum up support for a lynch because of what was at worst a mistake. This makes me suspect that he's directly interested in the elimination of either lots of players, or something along the line of 'wipe out X unique factions' or 'have X players from unique factions among the dead'.