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  1. Do we know if the humans who came over from Ashyn were created by a Shard? Or were they there pre-shattering? If they were made by a Shard, would Odium have any reason to create them? Or did he just sorta take over after another Shard created them? If I recall correctly the Parshendi were there pre-shattering so were the humans as well?
  2. Yeah I was a bit confused too... until I saw your username
  3. "This Ideal is also called the Ideal of Crusade, and requires that a Skybreaker undertake a personal quest and complete it to the satisfaction of their highspren. Once completed, the Skybreaker is elevated to the rank of master."- The Coppermind. So what are all of your personal quests? Have some fun with it! I will cleanse my room of all disorder, so long as my procrastination agrees. -Zallek Windblade
  4. There are a lot of Cosmere implications with hemalurgy but I am curious if, since metal is a manifestation of investiture on scadrial, would Rosharan metal work on Roshar? Would Scadrian metal work anywhere else? Or does each planet have it’s own form of hemalurgic materials?
  5. Any metal can be used for hemalurgy, But Inquisitor spikes are typically round.
  6. I would recommend reading AU last as one certain story contains spoilers(Secret History). But also the cosmere will make more sense if you read everything else first. Once all of the novels are read you can read AU with a greater concept of magic and investiture and shards and such. Apart from that it doesn't really matter what the order of reading is.
  7. I would say KanPaar. After just reading Hero of Ages again, I find him especially despicable. He is one of the most intelligent and oldest beings on scadrial, knowing that his actions are wrong yet still continues forward. People like Amaram are bad, but they are blinded by instinct and stupidity. KanPaar was a millennia old and still power hungry and evil. Though Sadeas and Straff are close.
  8. Lurcher! I'll never have to get up again!
  9. Though not really canon, the Mistborn Adventure Game's ability for it is that you can sort of create memories that aren't complete, like creating a first person memory of something you've only heard stories of, but that could also be totally wrong since again, the game isn't canon.
  10. Hmm, I don't think that cookie sat well with me, I feel a slight urge to murder everyone around me.... Probably just an upset stomach.
  11. Pretty much all of it, except for Infinity Blade, Wheel of Time, and two or three non cosmere short fiction works. Having looked at how many books that is, I think i just realized where all of my spare time went...
  12. I also suppose this is largely based on how aluminum negates it, is it like a wall, creating a "shadow"? Or does it create its own little bubble?
  13. So, I have been browsing this forum for nearly a year now and I just realized: "why don't I have an account yet?" So congratulations now I exist. Also I suck at introductions.
  14. So I'm much to lazy to find it, but I remember something here talking about Aluminum negating the power of time bubbles. Because of this, I came up with an awesome possible villian idea. A villain originally thought to be an extremely powerful steelrunner, this is a monster, leaving a room full of corpses before anyone knew what happened. Eventually, it is revealed that this is Slider(Cadmium misting) who has amassed enough aluminum to make full armor and knives. With this he can put up a cadmium bubble; freezing the whole area, but not freezing him because of his allomancy negating armor. Because of this, he can go full speed while everyone else is frozen in place, running around with a runny-runny stabby-stabby rampage. So, assuming my imagination is not completely stupid. Cadmium could actually be cool!
  15. As a compounder, I thought iron would be fun. Increase weight exponentially, then pull on a skyscraper/noble keep. Next, watch the entire building crumble. Only problem is a possibility of crushing yourself under you own weight but.... still fun. Otherwise, I would go with Lurcher and Steelrunner. Especially for an Alloy of Law era. Dodging bullets, pulling away guns, all that joyous stuff!