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  1. ....... Is actually a Dragon..... Hoid however.......
  2. For some of this, I respectfully disagree. Particularly about the spikes and nicrosil. First, remember that these are Fullborn, so they can compound every metal. Then, remember that nicrosil stores the ability to use powers. After storing your ability to use for example, stormlight, whether its gotten from spikes or honorblades or spren, you can then lose the ability to use stormlight by removing spikes or dropping the honorblade, and then tap your nicrosilmind to use that stormlight again later, without needing that other method. That is why the medallions work. Next, because the nicrosilmind belongs to that particular Fullborn, they don't need unkeyed ones to use it, and personally, I think they could use more at a time than the medallions can currently handle. Simply because they belong to them. Even if they couldn't though, that's still 3-5 extra powers (I believe that's the most the medallions work for). Regardless, they only need to be able to use whichever power they want for long enough to get enough of a store to compound, at which point they can use it indefinitely, or at least till they goof up their compounding and lose it. Also remember that gold healing, which they can compound, can heal spiritual wounds, so it can recover anything a spike could do to them. If they wanted, they could even spike powers out of themselves, give it to someone, then fix themselves with compounding, and then that person could even access their metalminds(per WoB) to share those extra powers. A little playing with spikes, and they could probably create a completely new, spikeless, Fullborn with all the powers they collected. (I have to think about this a bit more) If you look at my 'keepers on ashyn' thread, I talk about how powerful keepers would be there, and Fullborn put them to shame. They could even infinitely sell medallions on Nalthis in exchange for breath, or gain stormlight, or aviar powers, or anything from ashyn. They could basically harvest and integrate any powers they want by spiking it in, collecting and compounding, then removing and healing. Hoid has been running around collecting magics, but Fullborn who aren't afraid of Hemalurgy could do it so much better and faster, all through the form of Feruchemy. I'm sorry for rambling, but if you can't tell, I'm a big fan of Fullborn and their potential. If they so chose, I think they could conquer the Cosmere, as super inquisitors that aren't reliant on spikes, that can steal whatever magic they come across. OP indeed, and the fact that harmony has the two shards that make it work, in my opinion, easily makes him the most powerful being currently in existence. I hope this isn't too rambly...
  3. Wait a minute... So if Harmony wanted too, he could give some minions Fullborn powers of extreme strength, then teach them Hemalurgy. He could then send them to spike powers from people on different planets, compound their power infinitely, then take out the spike and compound gold to fix their souls. He then could have an army of immortal invincible beings of infinite power with the magic of every world they come across. Holy chull, its a good thing Sazed is peaceful
  4. So to clear up the Sazed thing, after I read this thread I went back to my reread of HoA. I then came across this quote. It is as Sazed is in the trustwarren and was just captured by the seconds and saved by Tensoon. Page 677 "Sazed always said he wasn't a warrior. However, the number of times he'd said that, then been forced to fight anyway, made him think he was losing that excuse. The truth was, he'd been in far more battles over the last few years than he felt he had any right to have survived. Either way, he knew some rudimentary moves-and, with both Feruchemy and surprise to aid him, that was about all he needed." This doesn't clear it up perfectly, but it implies that he didn't have warrior training aside from "rudimentary moves" which he has likely gotten better at these last few years. He was more reliant on Feruchemy, and I suspect most other keepers were similar if not the same.
  5. Well I certainly hope we can spike things from animals! Otherwise my hemalurgic rat farm idea to mass produce spikes from lerasium powered rats wouldn't work. What a shame.
  6. Well, you're completely right, and I completely agree. Skill matters more than strength. However... Imagine if Vin had been a lerasium strength mistborn. Wax, with the amount of steel strength I would give myself, would be akin to a railgun. Both super accurate and skillful, and yet incredibly powerful. With the amount of soothing power I would give myself too, I would be a much more powerful soother than elend, and he can get koloss without duralumin. Like you said, skill matters much more, and I agree, but being both powerful and skillful makes a bigger difference.
  7. Everything you've said makes sense, particularly the duralumin, and though squeezing less power out of the metal would be inconvenient, I don't think it would really matter all that much. Slowing down the Duralumin could even be helpful in some cases. We see both Vin and Elend use Duralumin and we don't see that big of a difference. Because it uses so much power so fast, being less powerful isn't that big a deal, duralumin+pewter would still basically make you invisible until it runs out, no matter the strength of the duralumin. I think of it like getting struck by lightning, you could get struck by lightning, or you could get struck by lightning that's twice as powerful and twice as fast. To the one getting struck, its effectively the same thing as both will probably kill you. I can't really think of why being full LS in aluminum would make any difference, as I wouldn't ever use it anyways, and if I were forced to like vin was, it may be better if it was slower. Gold, similar story. Unless I was also a gold Feruchemist, which would change everything. Electrum, like @Calderis said, would still counter atium, which as far as I know, its its main and pretty much only purpose. Nicrosil and Chromium would be just like Duralumin and Aluminum, slowing down the time is a drawback I can deal with, though even with such low 'mistborn power' I would still be comparable to era 2 leechers and nicrobursts. Losing Cadmium and Bendalloy strength would be disappointing, as I love Bendalloy so much, but I, like Marasi, would find uses for Cadmium and use it occasionally, but losing strength wouldn't matter much to me. Bendalloy, considering how much it costs vs how much it gives, just diminishes its value a lot. Unless its the only allomancy you have, like it is for Wayne. Its really the 8 basic metals of era one that are the super flashy and powerful ones, and I still think they are the most affected by Allomantic strength. You really only need brass or zinc, and I'd rather be a soother. With Elend and Vin, steel and brass/zinc are the ones that are mentioned the most as being affected by Elends strength. With how I split my lerasium, I would be nearly two and a half times the strength of Elend in steel, pewter, and brass. The other basic ones I would be quite a bit stronger, though not as much. I still think the way I split it would be the best, though you can play with the percentages and amounts however you wish. The only thing I think I would lose was if I came across a new metal, which would be disappointing that I was slightly weaker, but I'm still Mistborn. Basically I'm rearranging the strength from the lerasium from the weaker metals to the stronger, with the only drawback being unknown metals. I think it'd be worth it.
  8. I am rereading mistborn era 1, and I've thought a lot about lerasium (who hasn't?) and I'm curious how people would use it. Clearly the most common response would be to burn it to become Mistborn, but I feel you'd be wasting so much power on things like aluminum and gold. Let me present how I would use it, with a few variations. First off, I'm ignoring that becoming mistborn is a 'side effect' of lerasium, and I'm not sure either have been confirmed, but I am assuming that burning more or less will vary your power levels, as well as assuming that alloys of lerasium produce mistings. With my bead, I would split it into 16 pieces of equal size, and then alloy 6 of them with Steel, Iron, Pewter, tin, zinc and brass. I would then burn all of these alloys to become lerasium level mistborn for all of these. I would then burn the 10 other pieces as normal and become a full mistborn of 10/16 lerasium strength for all metals except those 6, where I am 26/16 times the strength of a lerasium mistborn, making me super powerful in all of those metals. In my mind, metals like duralumin and electrum will work just as well no matter your Allomantic strength. Duralumin will burn away all of your burning metals at once, whether you are a lerasium level mistborn, or a super diluted level mistborn. I don't think it matters. Electrum will still be poor mans atium, aluminum will still burn away your metals no matter your strength. The only reason I left 10 slivers of Lerasium is just in case I were to come across a new metal. If I knew I would never find a new one, I would actually put more lerasium into the other powers. That way, I would use a second piece of my lerasium bead in both steel and pewter, and maybe brass. I could also put a piece into copper and bronze, and being such a powerful user of those metals, I could possibly pierce copperclouds without a spike, and maybe make my own copperclouds unable to be pierced, even by someone with a spike. If I were to do all of those slight variations, I would end up being 21/16 LS (Lerasium Strength) in Iron, Tin, Zinc, Copper, and Bronze. I would be 37/16 LS in Steel, Pewter, and Brass. I would also be 5/16 LS in every other metal, which would all work the same, except possibly Bendalloy and Cadmium, which I'm not sure how they would react to the varying power. Now I am curious how other people would split theirs up, or if they would simply burn it, or keep it, or sell it, or whatever you would do. Let me know.
  9. Proof: Well we've seen Kandra with powers from spikes, and we've seen Kandra imitate other kandra, so someone could be mimicking Tensoon while he mimics Marsh Theory: Lift will open a restaurant, but get really bad reviews
  10. We also began to form the slothquisitors of the sloth ministry and discovered how we could mass farm hemalurgic spikes with only a little lerasium. All on top of our discussion of the evil beaver overlord spikeball mess thing that is absolutely terrifying. This has got to be the most useful, powerful, amazing, and knowledgeable thread in existence
  11. Straff Venture. Enough said. I still think Straff is one of Sandersons best 'despicable' characters. I hated him far more than Sadeas and Amaram combined. Every scene with him was awful, and it was incredibly satisfying when Vin just pummeled him with brass and zinc, as well as when he died. Dilaf gets second place for similar reasons
  12. I think that the best way to test this theory, if you believe that the metals really do match, if indirectly, would be to use this method of breaking down the shards into surges to connect each one to a metal. If it fits, you could be close. This way, you can't find the shards by looking at the metals, but you can find them both by looking at a medium, fitting the notes I quotes above. Even though I doubt Brandon would go to this extent to make the shards, using this much personal interpretation, it's a great theory. Have an upvote!
  13. I get what you are saying, but as we saw Wayne storing health, he often had some sort of cold. When I think of storing health, I don't think it makes him have some sort of cold, I've always thought it just makes him incredibly susceptible to illness. The bacteria doesn't care how they get it, only that they survive to pass it on
  14. Keepers on Ashyn would be incredibly powerful. So we know that on ashyn, magic is disease based. The example Brandon gave is that while you have the common cold, you can fly. Now who do we know that can control when they are sick? I think it can generally be agreed upon that for most metals, tapping is better than storing, right? You would rather be fast than slow, healthy than sick, quick of thought than slow, and so on. Unless you are on Ashyn that is. What we know of Ashton is that it is incredibly hot, you get powers from being sick, and people live in the sky. If I were a Feruchemist, I would gladly spend a year or two absolutely miserable in exchange for immortality and an incredibly wealthy and comfortable life. Allow me to explain. So our keeper heads to ashyn, with plenty of extra metalminds of all of the different metals, he finds a nice place to stay, perhaps someone to help take care of him, and he spends the next year or so absolutely miserable. He stores everything. Being in a floating city, its better to weigh less, he needs to store heat, storing senses to keep him from suffering, but most importantly, strength age and health. He needs to be as frail as physically possible. The idea is to get as sick as possible, and store all of those newly gained powers in unkeyed nicrosilminds. So you can see where this is going, he lies in bed for a year and fills all of his metalminds as well as collected tons of powers in his nicrosilminds. Even though he is intentionally close to death this whole time, he is never in danger as if he ever needs it, he can just stop storing and tap a little health to completely recover. Now our keeper, after all this time pumping stuff into his metalminds, can sell his unkeyed nicrosilminds filled with powers, which are vastly more efficient than when normal people get them. For example, if someone has a cold for 3 days, they have the ability to fly for 72 hours, which is being wasted whenever they aren't flying. After 72 hours, the power is gone and the whole time you had it, you were sick. When you use a nicrosilmind though, you can fly for 72 hours, and whenever you aren't flying, you just stop tapping. Say you fly for one hour a day, you fly for 3 days with the cold, so 3 hours. However if you fly with the nicrosilmind, you can fly for 72 hours or 72 days. Far more efficient. So back to our keeper, everyone on this planet can use these powers with the right sickness requirements, so as cool as it is, its nothing special. However... Over on Nalthis, nobody has ever had these powers that you can offer them, and everybody is born with something to offer to you. I bet you could get breaths incredibly easy if you talk to wealthy people with lots of breaths and offer them new magical powers with incredible length of use, remember that our keeper spent a year, or as long as he wants, collecting these powers as well as his own feruchemical powers. Assuming he sells everything he has been collecting in exchange for a massive wealth of breaths, he could gain immortality, awakening, and live a comfortable, powerful, and wealthy life wherever he wants. If he chooses to go back to ashyn and stores a few more powers, he can basically use whatever powers he wants wherever and whenever he wants, on top of his breaths and Feruchemy. Slightly overpowered and awesome if you ask me. I doubt it would happen in Canon, but I would love to see it so much. Tell me what you guys think.
  15. As I read all of these things and all of the WoBs, I've started thinking that the disease magic on Ashyn was started after the cataclysm that destroyed it. I think that they had access to the surges, or something, but much less restrictive than the powers through oaths. Using these powers, They created the dawnshards and caused some sort of magical disaster comparable to nukes. All this investiture created a sort of magical radiation, that I think of as similar to the dor, but in the physical realm. This radiation caused the humans to move to the skies and the bacteria to evolve along side the investiture radiation, now granting powers when they infect someone. Perhaps kinda like a temporary hulk kind of thing