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  1. You have earned your title Also!!! Shallan Welcome to Nightvale
  2. Beautiful
  3. The more you know
  4. So the world is ending because 5 chick's and 4 guys stabbed a rock
  5. To waste time Effectively speeds up time around an area similar to speed bubbles in Mistborn
  6. Pretty sure one of them is a chick The Lightweaver I think
  7. After the introduction of twinborn, half misting half ferring, there has been a more known phenomenon called compounding. Compounding, for all effective purposes, grants infinite Feruchemical stores. This causes some crazy stuff, all listed below. Now we just have to hope there are no more Hundredlifes Iron: Weight. Becoming earth/stadia shattering heavy, sinking to the core, or causing a black hole Steel: Speed. Flash style infinite mass punch, movement past lightspeed. Pewter: Strength. Breaking Scandia by intense strength. Tin: Senses. Daredevil style perception. Zinc: Mental Speed. Thinking faster than the speed of light Brass: Warmth. Becoming a star/big bang. Copper: Memory. Nothing Bronze: Wakefulness. Obvious. Chromium: Luck. THIS IS A PROBLEM. Having infinite luck is akin to having reality manipulation powers. You can dues ex machina out of everything. Nicrosil: Investiture. Imagine using normal allomancy times by an infinite amount, hm hope you aren't spiked and have pewter or Steel or anything. You know how a delurumin push works, imagine that but times infinite and with low metal consumption. Aluminum: Identity. ??? Duralumin: Connection. Everyone will trust you and follow your every command. Imagine infinite charisma Cadmium: Breath. Obvious Bendalloy: Energy. Obvious Gold: Health. Practical Immorality Electrum: Determination. Obvious Think on what would happen with infinite of any of these And tell me in reply
  8. I have one theory that I am mildly proud of about SA My theory is that Heleran was a surge binder before he got killed by Kaladin. In the part of WoR which the king of Kharbranth narrated, when Taravangian is talking about how 'Jasnah's ward' learnt to surge bind he remarked that either Jasnah or her brother (Heleran) must have taught her. Secondly when Shallan was confronted by Mraize of the ghostbloods he states 'why was your brother so interested in the Skybreakers' My conclusion is that Heleran was a Surgebinder of spren or honor blade. If Heleran had a nahel bond then he likely a) was a sky breaker (quote) or b broke his nahel bond before death. I say this because in Edgedancer wyndle say that if lift dies he would be traumatizing and wouldn't get over it for months, this means th at when a surgebinder dies their spren doesn't. My other thought is that he had an honor blade, likely truth watcher, elsecaller, light weaver or skybreaker. If this is the case then amaram has a honor blade, scary thought.
  9. It makes just as much sense as if it was a shard blade He didn't like it because of the proverbial blood on it, not because of the screaming Also to The one who connects, I never said atom splitting, only the vague word destruction
  10. But in the Ars Arcarnum it says division is the surge of destruction WoR Ars Arcarnum
  11. I have pondered if you can use a line of forbiddence as a sword. Now imagine you have a grip or pole the size of a hand, then draw a thin or thick line of forbiddence (depends on hieght/length of blade you want). You know have a weightless blade which is a great shield, but invisible
  12. Oops
  13. Voidbinding can see the future, its why its taboo. So is Glys a Voidspren sent by odium or is renarin being posessed by Odium, who knows...
  14. Check out the Coppermind on Heleran, it is under trivia
  15. when i said black hole, star flare etc, I know you'd die Also i mean *practically* infinite
  16. When did i say it was cosmere?
  17. Oh another thing, my thoughts are that maybe Heleran killed his Spren hence sphere fulled shardblade
  18. Division is what is mentioned when they say "can burn through stone" Dustbringers are proven to be able to burn and Division is the surge of DESTRUCTION
  19. As a friend once said The MC Flys around with giant swords And I added, yeah so attack on titan
  20. Actually there is a feruchemical difference between health and breath
  21. You are misguided, compound chromium is: *Assassin trips into blade when attempting assassination *shot a bullet into the sky, kills all your enemies * Don't like someone, lightning kills them Do you know the term Dues Ex Machina, that
  22. Double Chromium Luck plus Investiture Wiping I can do anything... by pure infinite luck
  23. It's just a theory I will feel smug about if true Though Honor Blade amaram would be a bit challenging to kill
  24. I've heard Sanderson say it, he says vinn
  25. That's fine