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  1. I guess I'll leave a goodbye message here as well. This was the very first long-form RP I was a part of, and it had a huge influence on me. I learned how to write more than just an action and a response, and how to write a longer message that integrated with the other people in the RP. I've gone on to be a very active RPer in my D&D community, and I've helped new players learn how to write collaborative narratives. So, thank you, Reckoners RPG. I'm with Coma--here's to the next thing ^.^
  2. I'm realizing now that I'm (to my own shock) older than a bunch of you, at 18 and a college Freshman. Probably the closest thing to any of that that I've done is going against my school on a matter of policy (the school's own policy!) and winning, because I was able to prove they weren't following it.
  3. I'm doing pretty good. Haven't had too much work at college yet. I get email notifications for this so I'm pretty much always up to date.
  4. People are busy with other stuff I'd assume. I'll be posting even less in about a month because I'm about to start college.
  5. See that's why I always either make my characters on the slow side, mentally (e.g., Phytomagnet getting easily fooled by Kokichi) or absurdly smart to the point of clairvoyance (because then I can just ask people what they're planning).
  6. Why shouldn't they already be in the city? Would give them much better credentials. We can insert them into some character's pasts in the WHiCannon thread.
  7. Not an official one, but I did start writing a character that was an informant for the Shield way back.
  8. I'd be totally down to do this. Might actually try out a couple of ideas tonight. What should we call the new thread?
  9. I can confirm that Phytomagnet is not currently planning on claiming any extra territory. Other than the fact that he currently has one of the largest areas in the city, Epoch probably wouldn't be too happy with Phyto trying to stake an independent claim.
  10. Right now there isn't anything for Phytomagnet to do? I guess I could have him react, idk that that he'd have much of a reaction. Epoch would've already mostly briefed him on the speech.