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Bridge 4 Portraits

I always wanted to draw some of the members of bridge 4, especially after reading Words of Radiance. I'm not going to label who is who, but hopefully everyone can figure it out. HERE is a much larger version.


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The second guy from the left on row two looks a lot like my speech teacher.

That guy really hated my tonsils. And hears more than (or less than?) is said.

I'll assume it's actually... Kal, right?

PS, looks cool. Although... they did have tattoos.... And who's the lighteyes in the corner?

Im bad at telling who is whom.


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Thanks all for the compliments!


Delightful: correct! =)


Stroniax: You're right they do need the tattoos. Totally forgot about those. 


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Is that Moash on the second row between Sigzil and The lopen?


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