Knights Radiant united! (Post-Oathbringer version)

This is for the upcoming Chinese New Year, requested by fandom folks! There’re prompts about Radiants dressed in suits with ties of their own colors all the time. So I made a try!

Windrunners - Kaladin

Skybreakers - Szeth

Dustbringers - Malata

Edgedancers - Lift

Truthwatchers - Renarin

Lightweavers - Shallan

Elsecallers - Jasnah

Willshapers - Venli

Stonewards - Talenel (No one in current storyline, uses Taln for now)

Bondsmiths - Dalinar

Life before death, Radiants!


From the album

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Posted (edited)

I like Shallan. :wub: Good art overall. :D

Edited by #Voidapple

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