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August Progress Update



Well, I warned you all. No progress.

But that is all going to change. After a few weeks without internet and really bad cell reception in my new apartment, I finally have everything set up and ready to. I plan on spending a good chunk of time this weekend working on getting my Reddit stuff into the Shard's new database; things should go pretty quick, since I have my new dual-monitor system that will make it a breeze. And I have no friends down here yet to distract me. And there's a hurricane coming through this part of the world that will mean I'll have to stay inside.

I've decided not to go any farther on the blog dredging for now; I've been promising Chaos for a while now that I would eventually get my Reddit thread into the new software, and now I'd like to get that taken care of as quickly as possible before poking around with other snippets. I also may need to pick up again with Brandon's Reddit posts since April; I don't know if anyone has been keeping that up-to-date in the new system yet.

But for those of you wondering what kind of goodies are lurking in Brandon's ancient, unguarded posts, I do have one treat for you. If you haven't seen it yet, Aether of Night is now available through the Shard admins. I dug up some Timewaster's Guide posts Brandon made back in 2004 about an Aether megaseries he was considering developing. It doesn't look like it went anywhere, but I collected what I found here. I'd like to do a similar thing for TWG comments about Dragonsteel, so I will get back to the post-by-post review at some point, and finish up going through Brandon's Blog while I'm at it. But that can wait until after Oathbringer, so I've gotta keep my priorities straight.