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Poetry Idea: 8 Deadly Sins



Three Little Girls

Envy stood at the edge of the park

With her pudgy arms folded

Across her small chest.

She scowled at the children

Who sat in the sandbox

And left no room for her.

Lust kicked the grass

And shrieked at those kids

“I want it! I need it!

I must have it! It’s mine!”

Greed pushed and shoved,

The girl with brown curls.

She punched and bit

The arms of the boys

Until the sandbox was empty

For only her use.

Gluttony’s Feast and Sloth’s Defeat

Gluttony arrived

In the form of locusts

And ate at the

Tall golden stalks.

They ripped the flesh

Of Sloth’s wild crops

And beneath them

The life disappeared.

As the plants died

At the mouth of Gluttony

Sloth made no move

To stop him.


Broken trees and

Broken bones;

Deep valleys and

Deep gashes.

Streams of mud and

Streams of blood.

The earth’s own wrath

Destroyed the city,

But that same wrath

Destroyed itself.


I paused at the doors

Of a chapel of gold

And saw Pride preaching there.

From outside the gate

Words bombarded my ears

Before being lost to the world.

Many, like me,

Paused as they passed

Entranced by the display of wealth

Some even entered

The luxurious church

And heeded Pride’s every remark.

I could see in Pride’s eyes

That he not only believed

The people of the street would listen,

But he also expected

To have the attention

Of even the omnipotent God.


The sun kissed the earth

Gently and kindly

And their love

Colored the sky


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