News Roundup: Last Two Oathbringer Endpapers, White Sand Release Date Pushed Back, Annotation, and More!

Today we have all sorts of news for you. We talked about the Oathbringer endpapers before, and now we have the last two! (Scroll down for those, if you think those are spoilers, I suppose.) But there's lots more to talk about. White Sand vol. 2's release date, which was before right around Oathbringer's release, has been pushed back on Amazon to December 26th, 2017, really hitting that holiday release window... But still, waiting for a good product is always good, rather than wanting a rushed product. There hasn't been an official announcement, so it could still be in flux. 

Next up, the Dragonsteel Prime chapters are over, but this week we got an old Dalinar chapter from Way of Kings--the 2010 version, not Way of Kings Prime. It's the first Dalinar point of view in the book. As Brandon had talked about before in various places, Dalinar wasn't quite right in that chapter, as Dalinar seemed wishy-washy. Brandon added Adolin, who got that aspect of questioning if Dalinar was sane, to fix the issue. 

We also have Way of Kings Annotation Chapter 4, which talks about Syl coming from a different book! How crazy is that?

Oathbringer endpapers

Of course you're here for this amazing artwork in the Oathbringer endpages, right? We reported last week on Ishar and Ash, and Brandon said we'd get Jezrien and Vedel on the back endpages. And we have them now! Howard Lyon is the artist and they are absolutely spectacular.


Wow, look how gorgeous this is. Remember, these are in-world representations, but I love that her safehand is covered. There's Vedel's keys (referenced in the books as "Vedeledev's golden keys"), too.

And of course, there's Jezrien. Or as the Vorin call him, Jezerezeh'Elin, and the Herald of Kings:


I think this is so cool because it really is Jezrien's Honorblade (which Szeth used). His crown is made up of the Windrunner glyph, as well as the symbol on his armor. He has that same ten gemstone thing in the background of Vedel's art

Shire Post AMA

The Shire Post Mint's Mistborn Coin Kickstarter ends tomorrow, October 28th, and they had an AMA on Reddit yesterday. Joining them was Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney to talk about the art process. Check it out, and be sure to look at the Kickstarter! If you back $20 or more you get a free blackened copper clip.

Fishing With Crendor 

Yesterday afternoon I looked at my YouTube subscriptions page and saw this: Fishing with Crendor with Brandon Sanderson.

This is really cool. Crendor is a YouTuber and streamer and he's mentioned Brandon Sanderson on the Co-Optional Podcast before. It's awesome to see Brandon there and chat it up with Eric about all sorts of things, like faking book reports, writing, and more. Crendor actually discovered Brandon from his lectures on writing, which is a cool way to get into an author!

For the die-hard cosmere fan, there's no WoBs for you, but Brandon mentions The Silence Divine again. He loves the concept but he has never been able to make it work in a story. He also said that he had a breakthrough on Dark One this summer, which is a project he has discussed in a few States of Sanderson before. He mentioned the mystery project as the thing he's currently working on but no details there.

It was a fun listen, though, and a great introduction to Brandon if you're newer. And to me, this was surreal for me to see Brandon in a completely different location than what I expected. 

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These endpapers are amazing. I'm so glad we are getting these. Not every series' fans are this lucky. And I'm sure it will get better with future books. 


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