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Butterwick Chronicles

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Hello and welcome to Reading Excuses!  Have you read @Silk 's wonderful introductory post? It explains how this online writers' group works. You'll need to send a private message to @Silk to get on the mailing list, and make at least one critique post before submitting work.

Generally speaking, it's in an author's best interest NOT to post story pieces directly to public forums, as this can be considered "publication" and impact a story's ability to be marketed to other venues later. It's also difficult for some people (like me!) to read long blocks of unbroken text in the forum format. With a .doc or .rtf, I can format the text the way that's best for me to read and reference later. 

Again, welcome, and I look forward to seeing your story in critique! :) 

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Seconding @industrialistDragon. Welcome to RE! But please read the pinned rules post and sub via the email forum, using the correct content tags. See you next week?


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Welcome @Daryldor, and thanks @industrialistDragon and @kaisfor jumping in!

Yes, the thread that they've mentioned should lay out everything for you. It looks like a lot of information, but once you get into the hang of formatting and submitting according to our guidelines, it's really not too onerous to maintain, and the rules are designed to make things easier for everybody to read and critique while protecting the intellectual property of the writers.

Please give the thread that @industrialistDragonlinked a read, and then I'm happy to answer any further questions you have--as I'm sure anyone else on the RE forum would be. We try to be a pretty helpful group!


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