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  1. I agree with many people on here who have said that it doesn't depend on reader age but reader level. I really started getting into these books only last year, when a friend introduced me to Mistborn, but I was only 15 then and I was not only able to understand it, I LOVED it. I read LOTR when I was 10 (they're a little dense, but not bad), but after that I stuck to some "simpler" novels like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Getting started on the Way of Kings earlier this year was amazing, and I'm really glad I found it. I'm glad to say that I'm an avid Sanderson fan; it's just incredible how many details and ideas go into his work, and he still manages to pull the story off really well.
  2. @The One Who Connects The quotes bring the scouring's date towards more recent years (I'd say between 300-500 years, if anyone has a better idea please correct me) but the first quote doesn't really give a time period that we can relate to; it just says it has been just enough time for "stories and legends to have crept into the general knowledge of most peoples." How far back do you think the quote puts the scouring at?
  3. I know, right? I was at least hoping that Shallan would ask Azure/Vivenna something about being a worldhopper so we could gain more information.
  4. That's a good guess, but I think there is a WoB that says that the dagger is not a Dawnshard. Also, I have two prevailing theories on the Dawnshards. The first theory is that they are similar to the Honorblades, but crafted from the essence of Odium; the humans used the Dawnshards to destroy their old planet (Ashyn) before travelling over to Roshar, bringing Odium with them. The Dawnshards therefore could not have been of Honor, but of Odium. My second theory is that the Dawnshards are a small (very small) portion of Adonalsium's power, or some other power, which existed already on Ashyn; it is known that humans had already existed there before the Shattering, so it is possible that the Dawnshards had existed there before the Shattering as well. Does anyone have anything to say to help support/refute these theories? I'm interested to learn what everyone else thinks.
  5. I can't remember where, but I was reading in another thread about the Dysian Aimians and it has been theorized that they were destroyed by fire (so as to kill all the hordelings/cremlings at once, therefore killing the Aimian). To support this, here is a quote from Oathbringer during Dalinar's vision of Aharietiam with Yanagawn that says: "One spot they passed had a whole heap of strange cremlings, burned and smoking." (Pg. 438) Also, I'm new to this site, so if anyone can, could you explain how to put book quotes under a quote link/bar?
  6. I can understand the "dancing" part to mean combat, but what about the part where Jezrien says "We let them in"? I feel like this implies that they either bonded with Voidspren many years before, or allowed the Voidspren to control them in a way or something similar to that. Either that, or it refers to the Heralds' time of being tortured by the Voidspren on Braize. I just don't understand which theory that statement would support the best. If anyone has any better theories, please say them; I'm interested to know what everyone else thinks.
  7. In Oathbringer, it references two the Voidspren/Fused two times with respect to the Heralds and Wit. Is it possible that they had originally bonded with the Voidspren, but after travelling to Roshar (if we assume that the Heralds were part of the exodus from the last planet humans lived on) chose Honor as their god instead of Odium and eventually formed the Oathpact? The exact quotes are: "'Madness,' Ahu said, then giggled. 'I used to think it wasn't my fault. But you know, we can't escape what we did? We let them in. We attracted them, befriended them, took them out to dance and courted them. It is our fault. You open yourself to it, and you pay the price.'" (Pg 853) "He passed into the shadow of the palace, and the sentry hovering in the air nearby, wind rippling her long clothing. Vatwha was her name. Thousands of years ago, he'd shared a dance with her. Like all others, she'd later been trained to watch for him." (Pg 1232) I'm wondering if "dancing" with the Voidspren implies a bond or not. What do you think?