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  1. So, I just want to make sure I understand how this works. With Miles Hundredlives, he always drew his health from metalminds to stay alive. When he Compounded his health, would the process go like this? 1. He stores health in a metalmind. 2. He burns the metalmind, releasing the stored healing energy and more. 3. He stores that energy in another metalmind. 4. He repeats the process until he as almost infinite amount of healing. This is how I always imagined it, just want to make sure it is correct.
  2. Hmm... I guess we won't know until the next books come out, sadly. I don't really have much to argue with that; your point is correct. I'm still on the side that the stormstriders are not Unmade, but I could easily be wrong. I was thinking just now, are there any WoB's that talk about the stormstriders? I was searching for them, and I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong search terms, or if no one has actually asked about them, but I couldn't find anything on stormstriders.
  3. I guess there is a chance that their Spiritual Aspect looks like something else, but I doubt it would be humanoid. The problem is, the Unmade were neither human or listener. They are actual Splinters of Odium, similar to the Stormfather or the Nightwatcher. They would not manifest in the Spiritual Realm as being anywhere near humanoid, but more as a large mass of Investiture, because that is what they really are, as shown by the quotes I put down.
  4. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with you here. Your latter comment was right about the Unmade moving (which, like you said, we know because of Mr T's comments); however, I don't think that the stormstriders would be Unmade. We know that the stormstriders are (vaguely) humanoid, from this quote from OB (I would use the WoR quote, but I lent it to someone so they could read it, so I don't have access to the quote. I might add it later when I get it back). We also know that the Unmade are not humanoid, although each of the Unmade is shaped and looks differently (OB spoilers): The Unmade can't be the stormstriders because they have different physical manifestations to the stormstriders, as shown above. As for who I believe the stormstriders are, I'm going to have to say that I think they are more powerful spren of Honor and Cultivation like Cusciesh. I don't really have anything to back this though, it's more of a guess than anything else.
  5. I guess, at a stretch, that the quotes seem to suggest it, but I seriously doubt that he was using stormlight that early on. At that point, he hadn't bonded the Stormfather yet, so how would he be able to access the surges? In my opinion, those descriptions are meant to show just how great a warrior he is, so that us as readers can understand to a better extent what Dalinar was like before Alethkar went to the Shattered Plains.
  6. I doubt that this is an allusion, but I was playing Skyrim the other day and I realized that it referred to a group called the Synod, like the Synod from Mistborn.
  7. Granted, but the ice cream is your least favorite flavor of ice cream (whatever it is). I wish for the power of super speed.
  8. The last point is completely correct, and therefore Lift would not generate heat if she did increase the force of friction. Heat is created by friction by transferring the kinetic energy of an object into heat; if Lift walked up a wall by increasing the static frictional force, her feet would not be sliding down the wall. Instead, they would be pushing down at an angle against the wall, while the frictional force would be pushing up with an equal force, allowing her to remain on the wall. However, it would be incredibly hard to do this while remaining on balance, so I doubt that Lift would be using this method. She is just grabbing onto Wyndle (due to her being more in the Cognitive Realm) and pulling herself up. Being a physics nerd, I'm wondering how Lift goes about increasing/decreasing the force of friction acting upon an object so she could climb or slide. I know that there are two ways she could go about doing this: either by varying the normal force between her and the object, or by changing the coefficient of friction of a surface. I'm more inclined towards the second way, but I think the first way is plausible. What do you all think?
  9. Haha, it was the exact same for me. I hadn't read any of the spoilers or anything, but the moment my parents dropped it off in my room, I went straight ahead and read through it as quickly as possible (pushing off a little homework I should have been doing).
  10. @Calderis Thank you! I guess I need to re-read the Emperor's Soul again, I completely missed Shai refering to the Unknown God. Also, thanks for clarifying the anti-Adonalsium, I guess I misinterpreted what it was before. Just a quick question; do we have any good theories as to who/what the God Beyond/Unknown God is?
  11. So I was re-reading Elantris the other day when I got to the end and was reading the scene where Hoid jumps into the shardpool (this is in the 10th anniversary edition of Elantris). At the very beginning of the scene, it refers to an "Unknown God". I combed through the WoB and this website, but I was unable to find anything which asks about this reference, so I decided I would make a theory or two about who this "Unknown God" is, and see what the community thought about it. The exact quote is below: "Beneath him, the city of Elantris glowed with a splendid light. Soft, reassuring, the light seemed to ascend high into the sky, to the Unknown God's domain itself." (side note - I'm new here and don't know how to add quotes from books under a drop down bar, so if anyone could explain how to do that, that would be awesome). So, I think the best theory of who this god is would be the existence of a shard that we have not learned about yet. The way I interpret it is to mean that the "domain" is outer space; we know about 10 shards currently, and all of these are either Splintered or reside on a planet, besides the one Brandon has mentioned that we don't know about yet that does not live on a planet. I think that this Shard fits the bill well for being the "Unknown God." It is also possible that it could be another Shard we haven't learned about yet, but the Shard I referred to is more likely, in my opinion. I also briefly considered a possible sentient version of Devotion/Dominion put together following their splintering, but we know that Odium has pushed the power into the Cognitive Realm to prevent it from gaining sentience, so that theory is not possible. Lastly, I feel that this god may be the "anti-Adonalsium" which has been theorized and partially confirmed. In all the books where we have had a chapter from the viewpoint of Hoid, we never hear him refer to the Shards with any reverence or mystery; he knew all of them before the Shattering, and so therefore doesn't feel particularly awed (for lack of a better term) by what they have become. I doubt he would refer to any of the Shards as an "Unknown God" because he knew them all by name, and by the Intent they took up. Therefore, this (maybe) disproves the first theory. Because we do not know much about the "anti-Adonalsium", we can't really support this theory, but I do think that if the "Unknown God" is not a Shard, it must be another entity which is as powerful, if not more powerful, than a Shard. The "anti-Adonalsium" fits the part pretty well. So, what do you all think? Which theory do you think works the best with the information we know? Also, if there is anymore information that people have regarding this "Unknown God" please share it here.
  12. I think you've hit on something there. Iridium is also a lot stronger and denser than aluminum so it is possible that it could be the material used. However, unless iridium turned out to be an "Investiture sink" (thanks for the term @The One Who Connects) like Aluminum, I doubt that it would work as a Shardblade guard. It would have to have its strength augmented by using either an alloy of iridium with aluminum or through some other method.
  13. I partially agree with you. I feel like the story arc somewhat disappeared for a while and left us to infer how the Adolin's murder of Sadeas affected him. I think it would have been nice if Brandon had given us a little more information as to how Adolin was affected by the murder, both through guilt and by reparations when he was found to be the murderer. However, I feel that it will be resolved in the next book somehow; Brandon can't just leave something as important as a murder of a highprince (even a distasteful one) alone. I think that from Dalinar's reaction we know that while he will be lenient to Adolin, he will not let him go without some sort of punishment. The end of Oathbringer was, in my opinion, just not the right time to reveal how Adolin was forced to repair what he did wrong, and would have created an ending that didn't tie things up properly. The resolution will probably occur in the next book, and I feel that it will make up for not having the resolution in Oathbringer.
  14. I understand that Brandon has said that Shallan has said 4 oaths already, but doesn't that mean that she should have Shardplate now? Or am I wrong about which oath Radiants receive their Shardplate, or what Radiants must do to get Shardplate?
  15. I agree with many people on here who have said that it doesn't depend on reader age but reader level. I really started getting into these books only last year, when a friend introduced me to Mistborn, but I was only 15 then and I was not only able to understand it, I LOVED it. I read LOTR when I was 10 (they're a little dense, but not bad), but after that I stuck to some "simpler" novels like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Getting started on the Way of Kings earlier this year was amazing, and I'm really glad I found it. I'm glad to say that I'm an avid Sanderson fan; it's just incredible how many details and ideas go into his work, and he still manages to pull the story off really well.