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  1. I went to the New Jersey signing and was able to ask the following questions. 1) Q: Is Niccolo Machiavelli's political theory, the ends justify the means, incompatible with the Knights Radiants' First Oath? A. No. Although many of the Orders of KRs would find Machiavelli's theory that the ends justify the means incompatible with additional Oaths and/or values of that Order, there are some Orders who could accept a Machiavellian. I asked this question during the open Q&A. Brandon said that the Skybreakers where a Machiavellian could find a home. Q. As Brandon was signing my books, I asked if the Elsecallers would also accept a Machiavellian. A. Yes. 2) Q. Is the rapier a weapon that people who do not have a Shardbalde use on Roshar? A. Brandon asked why I asked this question. I answered that at the end of WoR, Jasnah created a Sharblade rapier. It was a weapon I do not recall any other person using in WoK or WoR. Brandon then said he would not answer. I asked if that would deserve a RAFO. He smiled and gave me a RAFO. 3) Q. I asked if in the future, he would have Lift use a Trident as her main Shard weapon. A. Yes. The reader should not be surprised if Lift uses a trident as a Shard weapon (a ShardTrident). Some other questions I did not get to ask a) Is the gestation period for a human on Roshar the same as it would be for a human on Earth, taking into account that time on Earth is a different ratio than on Roshar? For example, a 17 year old on Roshar would be a few years older on Roshar. My thought was to determine if a human on Earch has the same physiology as does a human on Roshar. Is there a certain distance from where a Knight Radiant is and where his/her spren is which would prohibit the Knight Radiant from summoning his/her spren Shard weapon? c) As part of Brandon's discussion at the beginning of the book signing, Brandon talked about the concept of the Talos Principle in Philosophy. I wanted to ask (but totally forgot) what is the talos of a stick? Thanks for reading my musings. AndrewHB (aka the musespren)