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  1. Ah Discord, should not forget it exists. What channel? Events?
  2. I was just at the panel; it was really fun.
  3. Any body here? Anyone want to just say hi?
  4. I WILL be there. I'm pretty excited for the event as a whole - SO MANY authors!
  5. @Kaymyth Can you post a picture of your porgs? @Jofwu ...And I'm not in the Calligrapher's Guild? I had a lot of fun, but I don't have the patience to type up summaries or my impressions. I am already thinking about the next JordanCon, though. Even if there will be no Brandon.
  6. This was amazing. It was great meeting so many people. Wow. And yeah, it was just great.
  7. Very Interesting....
  8. I'm at the Con, now and getting more confident. So I think it's a nice idea.
  9. @Jofwu I'm ... not opposed to the idea. Sorry if I'm lukewarm. It ... might be interesting. (Still new to the con thing, that's the only reason I'm a bit hesitant)
  10. I will hopefully be my profile pic, fox with cosmere pin for the eye.
  11. I'll be there. And also staying in the spillover hotel. Ooh, 17th shard badges. How can I get one, please?
  12. I support the theory that reviving Maya will not necessarily make him a Radiant like the others. Maybe he'll be able to use Stormlight, but no Surges. @kari-no-sugata That + Plate might make him less squishy.
  13. I think there's one important point - you're all assuming that reviving Maya leads to Maya forming a nahel bond with Adolin and Adolin becoming a KR. I don't think it's as simple as that. Part of it is that I don't think/want Adolin to be KR, since meta-speaking, all the main characters will be Radiants then, and I don't think that's the point. Someone has to remain normal, for character development/conflict. Second, Adolin may be tangentially similar to Edgedancers, but I don't think he's quite what they're looking for. Maybe he'll never become a full KR, but a semi-KR. Perhaps a revived Nahel bond will differ from a regular one. After all, a lot of firsts are happening - Venli(Listener-KR), and Renarin (corrupted truespren on the side of good).
  14. Renarin healing vs Lift healing. We know Radiants have two Surges. From what we've seen it's usually a primary surge and a secondary surge. Lift is an Edgedancer, her primary surge is Abrasion. Renarin is a corrupted Truthwatcher. However, he seems to use his primary Surge, Progression, completely normally. Since Regrowth is Lift's secondary surge, she isn't as proficent in it, it's not as instinctive for her. I think Renarin heals super fast because he has Stormlight - which is/has its own healing factor and he also uses Regrowth. (Does using Regrowth while also simultaneously healing with Stormlight compound the healing factor, or do they just add...)
  15. I think she does store it. From Dalinar's viewpint: This was before the Perpendicularity, so no infused gemstones were lying around. I think this wasn't breathing in stormlight, just like a regular person taking a deep breath before going off to do something.