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  1. I think it's ominous that a Dustbringer is with Mr. T. I can't tell if Mr. T is faking, or this is one of his stupider days. Looks like he is pushing Dalinar to take the path of the warlord. Kaladin talked to the voidspren - things are getting interesting. He's basically a spy now. I wonder if the Ghostbloods know that Kaladin killed Helaren, or if it's about the Skybreakers.
  2. Did anyone else catch that Stormlight can be suppressed? I'm not sure what that means, exactly other than being non-glowy but possibly suppressing Stormlight lets you keep it longer (it won't leak away quite so fast). Shallan is shocked by what she did as Veil, yet also remembering bits of what she did as a child. The fact that she learned to hide Stormlight way back then is not a good indicator, at all. This raises even more questions - before that fateful day, did she know she had to hide her abilities from her mother?
  3. The Parshmen are aware of the Rythyms, but not how to attune them. Kaladin is giving out loads of advice. Back to the chapters... Also Sah is pretty intelligent.
  4. I see the one that came out just now. Where'd the older one?
  5. Stabbing yourself isn't healthy. Having stormlight that can heal any injuries instantly is only an enabler of that. Regarding the mouthy bridgeman - I got the feeling he's a bridgeman in the first place because of mouthing off. Pattern and corpses - well it's true - very true. I sort of want to see more of Shadesmar though, because stiff there must work very differently. And the spren do have cities... Kaladin helping the Parshmen - the feels - they always knew that something was wrong with their minds. I wonder why the Voidspren didn't bind to a Parshmen and instead is free. I think that's the first time we see a higher spren (other than Stormform) unbound in the Physical Realm that's fully cognizant and speaking aloud and visible to everybody.
  6. I think that the second murders aren't human work - something else is going on. Veil is crazy. Going deeper into her disguise isn't any good for her mental health. Announcing a new ship: Pattodlin. Or Adolern. Oh my god. I mean By the Almighty! The curse is breaking - he is remembering Evi.
  7. What I've heard is that authors don't read fanfiction or fan theories, because if they do, and then later use something similar in their own work, they are afraid fans will sue them.
  8. Regarding Shallan: The truths she speaks get progressively further back in time. The next Truths are probably from before she killed her mother, so we'll probably learn more about her childhood.
  9. Regarding the Recreance. We know that the KR learned "some wicked thing of eminence" that caused all but the Skybreakers to break their oaths. It must have been truly terrible, as Syl seems to be Kaladin's best friend/incredibly close companion, and he's known her for less than a year. I can't imagine the friendship between a KR and a spren that have been together for at least decades. I'm pretty sure the spren had to agree - but maybe they didn't tell unbounded spren. I'm pretty sure we'll (and maybe the characters as well) will eventually I learn that secret. However, the result might be different (no second Recreance) as there are two important things to keep in mind. One, it had been thousands of years since the "Last Desolation" and since the Heralds were present. So the KR technically weren't needed for the protection of Roshar anymore (they thought). Two, Honor was still alive. I'm pretty sure there's a WoB around that after Honor was Splintered there were more spren or something. Realmatical on Roshar may have been slightly different pre-approval/and post-Splintering. So, I'm hopeful that if our modern day characters actually learn the wicked thing of eminence, they will continue fighting, as they are needed and Honor is dead. Whatever Shard-support there was during the Desolations is not available anymore.
  10. Shallan didn't break her Oaths - Pattern didn't die and she could still summon Patternblade.
  11. Regarding breaking the oaths - on the one hand, it seems that every order would need to do it differently because of the different Oaths, but on the other, during the Recreance they broke their oaths all at once and all in the same way. And it seemed too simple - like breaking a deadsprenblade bond.
  12. Maybe she's coping somehow so far. But what about when her brothers show up now that she's admitted these truths? Will she tell them about their mother?
  13. Adolin cut Urithru after killing Sadeas to get rid of the mark he made on the wall while exploring.
  14. I feel that the epigraphs now seem to contain basically no information, but looking back, they will be info -rich.
  15. They can't quite become monsters against their own will - if they are determined to refuse Voidspren, they can.