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  1. I support the theory that reviving Maya will not necessarily make him a Radiant like the others. Maybe he'll be able to use Stormlight, but no Surges. @kari-no-sugata That + Plate might make him less squishy.
  2. I think there's one important point - you're all assuming that reviving Maya leads to Maya forming a nahel bond with Adolin and Adolin becoming a KR. I don't think it's as simple as that. Part of it is that I don't think/want Adolin to be KR, since meta-speaking, all the main characters will be Radiants then, and I don't think that's the point. Someone has to remain normal, for character development/conflict. Second, Adolin may be tangentially similar to Edgedancers, but I don't think he's quite what they're looking for. Maybe he'll never become a full KR, but a semi-KR. Perhaps a revived Nahel bond will differ from a regular one. After all, a lot of firsts are happening - Venli(Listener-KR), and Renarin (corrupted truespren on the side of good).
  3. Renarin healing vs Lift healing. We know Radiants have two Surges. From what we've seen it's usually a primary surge and a secondary surge. Lift is an Edgedancer, her primary surge is Abrasion. Renarin is a corrupted Truthwatcher. However, he seems to use his primary Surge, Progression, completely normally. Since Regrowth is Lift's secondary surge, she isn't as proficent in it, it's not as instinctive for her. I think Renarin heals super fast because he has Stormlight - which is/has its own healing factor and he also uses Regrowth. (Does using Regrowth while also simultaneously healing with Stormlight compound the healing factor, or do they just add...)
  4. I think she does store it. From Dalinar's viewpint: This was before the Perpendicularity, so no infused gemstones were lying around. I think this wasn't breathing in stormlight, just like a regular person taking a deep breath before going off to do something.
  5. I agree with this. This is also my gut feeling - that he was a stone mason or some other profession like that. A builder. Also, the fact that he is a Stoneward, and I feel his Surges fit with being a stone mason or something.
  6. So I was looking at the Arcanum today, just for fun to see my own questions - and I saw one where it says "Questioner," but I know it was me - #103 in the Boskone 54. Any chance of ..um, correctly attributing it? Grr.. I was editing this - then it moved. So #'s 105, 107, 109 and #110 are also me. I double-checked by listening to my own voice.
  7. Wait, do we know what happens if unsheathed Nightblood hits dead Shardplate vs Radiant Shardplate vs half-shards?
  8. Maybe something to ask Brandon. Even so, inside Radiants, Stormlight is described as storming, raging, etc. He feels it as a well. (Association: Calm, placid)
  9. Regarding Renarin, did anybody notice that the way his inner Stormlight was described differently? This is moments after Honor's Perpendicularity, but I think all other Radiants breathed in Stormlight from the gems scattered all over.
  10. So we have any WoBs on Spiritual Realm and the Beyond? I thought Szeth and Dalinar were hearing their victims because of Spiritual shenanigans. And if it really was Evi "I forgive you" that it was coming from the Spiritual Realm.
  11. We're talking about the utility of Nightblood here. I want to take a moment and pause to think about what Nightblood actually does. Iirc, there's a WoB that it destroys the spiritual aspect. In the cosmere there's basically an afterlife where your soul goes - the Spiritual Realm. Spiked people go there, people killed by Shardblades go there, regular deaths go there. Does that mean that Nightblood DESTROYS the soul, rather than severing connections? I think it does - "Destroy" was part of it's Intent, after all. (Now I'm comparing Nightblood to a Dementor...) Anyway, is it ever morally right to use an unsheathed Nightblood?
  12. I don't read glyphs - can someone put into words or circles and arrows the idea? I get it, kinda.
  13. Each order swears Ideals - breaking those Ideals means killing spren. Fulfilling Ideals however, depends on perception, as Kaladin discusses with Syl. So perhaps the knowledge that the ancient Radiants gained changed their perception of their Ideals, like for example - what happens to a Windrunner who realizes he is killing/enslaving those who cannot protect themselves? Also, as Dalinar discusses, that vision of Radiants abandoning their Shards en masse seems to be more of a representation of the Recreance than a totally real event. And in any case, I feel the most important perspective we'll get is from someone who was actually there and part of it. (Maya when(if?) Adolin heals her can shed the most light on those events.) Syl says the majority if not the entire population of most spren people's was wiped out. So all the new Spren made assumptions about what happened. I wonder how much the spren involved agreed with what was happening. I mean in a way, it was kill the spren, or kill the humans so spren become unbonded. It seems they decided to kill spren so that there couldn't be any more Radiants in the (near?) future.
  14. Regarding seeing the future. I keep wondering - are emotionspren sensetive to the future. In the PR, they pop up (seemingly out of nothing) when someone has a strong emotion, but as we see in Shadesmar, the emtionspren creatures move about - they don't randomly teleport - so they would need to go to where someone WILL have a strong emotion to be there at the right moment. Any thoughts on this?
  15. I agree with this. At first I also thought that the comet spren was Willshaper, but if the Reachers are willshaper spren, there's no commonality in looks, which exists to a high degree in all other confirmed CR-->PR looks.