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Image Comments posted by Herowannabe

  1. Fantastic artwork, as always. You're one of my favorite artists here on the site. 

    If I could be allowed to make one tiny little critique... Her face looks mannish. With the squared chin and prominent nose she looks kinda like a guy wearing a wig rather than a woman. The faces in the "Sarene Search" image you posted look more feminine to me, because those features are less pronounced (EDIT: The eye shape might have something to do with it, too). 

    Other than that, I love it!

  2. 4 hours ago, Firerust said:

    Heh. I used the Vin/Elend image in a response to being asked to a school dance by a friend who just so happens to be a big Mistborn fan. Thank you very much for making these!

    Nice! :D (I hope you told her yes!)

  3. Wow. 


    just.... wow. I'm super impressed. 


    Forget trying to find just one or two of your posts to throw extra upvotes on, I think I'll just have to 'follow' you and upvote everything you post (in the gallery at least). Amazing work and amazing research. 

    Also, and I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure the inner cover of Words of Radiance (the one you clipped your "sample shallan" picture from) was actually drawn by Ben McSweeney/ @Inkthinker, not Michael Whelan. Michael just does the outside covers, everything interior is either Ben or Isaac Stewart, I believe. 

  4. Awesome!


    Just curious, how do you do your pictures? Like, what's the process?

    The lines look too clean to be ink on paper- do you sketch it out and then scan and "ink" it in photoshop? Or do you draw it directly onto a tablet or computer? 


    EDIT: Annnnnd... now I see that you already had this conversation over in the comments on your Adolin picture. Nevermind. :D


  5. Just have to post a comment to say that I've been coming back every week or two to see your new SandersonSunday postings and to look through some of your old ones, too. Don't stop! Your work is fantastic!

    And this one is one of my favorite pictures of Vin I've ever seen. Bravo!

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