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  1. I cannot recommend Graphic Audio enough. I love them. I own GA renditions of Elantris, Warbreaker, and all the Mistborn books. The only reason I haven't picked up any of the Alcatraz or Stormlight Graphic Audios is because of budget restraints. But they are at the top of my birthday/christmas/free-spending wishlists! :) Also, I really hope they do the Reckoners someday. The Reckoners would make sweet GAs. ;)

    (As a side note, does anyone know if they used the same voice actors for the Warbreaker characters that have cameos in SA? I hope so. One of my greatest fears with these is that they will miss the cameos and use different voice actors)

  2. Awesome. I'm so excited for this. And the fact that there will be expansions. Siege of luthadel anyone? How about pitting your House against Hordes of Koloss as the world dies all around you?


    Seriously, Q4 2016 cannot come soon enough! 


    EDIT: On another note, it looks like (at least for the prototype) they used some of the artwork that Ben McSweeney did for the Mistborn Adventure Game. I spy Zane on what must be the house Venture card, and the other Houses have artwork as well...

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