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  1. Your argument sounds convincing. Maybe the above WoB's simply mean that Adolin will not revive its blade after all.
  2. Yes, but Dalinar ascended and was able to recreate Unity on demand though with effort (when he supercharged Kaladin at the end of OB). It seems reasonable to assume that he has the power to fix the Nahel bond. Whether it is lame and it isn't going to happen it's another story.
  3. I have had a thought about reviving a dead spren. I apologize if the idea has been already shot down by logic or by a WoB. Basically a dead radiant spren has suffered a cataclysmic trauma from having its connection to the radiant severed abruptly. Windrunners and Bondsmiths share the surge of Connection. While in the former case it manifests through windsprens (pressure), in the latter if comes from the Stormfather which is a sliver of Honor. So my idea is that the other hard thing (per the above mentioned WoB) that has to happen for Adolin to revive its blade is that a Bondsmith uses connection to restore the Nahel bond. What do you think? Is this already been discussed? Happy Labor day. Don't work too much...
  4. Hi there. I often read the forum but don't participate actively much. I have got this idea that I haven't seen addressed anywhere yet. It seems that post-recreance radiants must be "broken" in order to bond a spren. For Kaladin and Shallan this has been explicitly described. Dalinar, Renarin and Lift all have issues. Adolin is being set up as well at the end of WoR. This echoes the way that Kelsier can talk to Spook in Secret Histories. Before the recreance there were a huge number of radiants and it seems weird for me that every single one of them had to have fissures in his/her soul to allow bonding. Also think about Dalinar's vision in which a KR offers him a position in one of the orders. The offer is only contingent Dalinar's ability with natural implements but doesn't mention being broken inside. I suspect that, in normal times, a broken soul is required for bonding (this would make it extremely difficult to produce surgebinders) and that the oathpact is somehow related to a "deal" in which radiants are easier to make because no broken soul is required.
  5. I'm not 100% sure but I think that in WoR Pattern can be seen by everybody. I think I remember that he has to hide. Also at the end (in the tents) everybody can hear and see him. Also note the figures with symbol heads. They are very invisible and only appear in Shallan's drawings. There must be serious differences between sprens. I guess we'll find out at some point.
  6. I realized that I have never seen a discussion about what might have pushed Szeth to declare that sprens where binding again with humans and that a desolation was about to come. Any ideas? If Szeth had bound a spren he could have probably proved it to the Shamans and he wouldn't have any doubts about it. What else? Did he meet Nale early on? Any WOB on the topic?
  7. Thank you! As I suspected this is something that has been thought about for a long time... By the way, I read a WOB somewhere saying that the end of SA (don't know if he was referring to the end of the first 5 books or to the end of the whole 10) is already in WOK and WOR. Anybody has that figured out yet?
  8. I noticed that each chapter in WOK and WOR has up to four different herald effigies (and occasionally Hoid). Sometimes the effigies reflect the radiants' order to which the main characters in the chapter belong to. In other instances they seem to reflect themes associated with a given radiant order (in some Kaladin chapters he has Jezrien, in some others he has Nale). I was wondering if there are hidden messages in the choice of effigies (e.g. hints about new radiants). Anybody with thoughts about this? A quick search of the forums didn't return anything.
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