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  1. Fatebreaker and Kipper: Aghh, I really should! There's just so many characters I want to draw, but not enough time... I am actually working on a big Bridge 4 piece, so there will be some Lopen representation. I do need to give Warbreaker some love since it was my first Cosmere book and I love it to death. >.< phantasmagorically: Thank you! Man, Inquisitors are so intimidating and cool... it'd be a lot of fun to try drawing one. Good excuse to practice an action pose too. Here's a couple recent-ish Cosmere drawings (or just old ones that I forgot to post earlier, oops) -- Some goofy SA valentines - Szeth - One of a bajillion Kaladin flying sketches - Lift stuff - iScribble doodles featuring Vasher, bickering spren, and Vin - Some Alloy of Law stuff - Shallan stuff - Someone requested that I draw Marsh with this emoji's expression... the result is pretty funny - Quick environmental painting of the Shattered Plains -
  2. LarkoftheRiver: Haha yes, more stalking please. Delightful: Thanks! Man, everyone comments on Jasnah's cleavage in the Indiana Jones poster, heh. It's pretty much the same layout as the classic Raiders poster, where Indy's got his shirt unbuttoned down to his stomach. Just trying to stay true to that. And to answer both of your questions about what programs I use fo animations... The bulk of the work is done in Photoshop - drawn frame by frame and using the basic animation features to make sure it looks okay in motion. Then I composite the character and background with AfterFX and Premiere Pro. All programs are part of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS4 specifically, but I don't think the version really matters honestly). I also learned this Japanese program called EmoFuri to do that Kaladin I posted earlier. You can import a PSD with each feature on separate layers and then manipulate expressions/movements with a timeline. It's pretty slick!
  3. LarkoftheRiver: Thanks! And no worries, I saw nothing (though I'll be sure to swing by your thread, definitely want to see more of your art). ccstat: Thank you! Rendering her marbled skin was a lot of fun. Also, here's 2 animated things I forgot to post... Dramatic windy Kaladin and Adolin summoning his Shardblade, K-Pop PV style.
  4. 'Nother art dump. Here's the most finished SA-related pieces I've completed since I last posted here... Animated Kaladin: Pattern made out of fractals: Eshonai: Shallan/Veil card colored by my friend Badger. Something I drew for a "make people sad" Cosmere event. WoR spoilers, some blood Jasnah as Indiana Jones: Kaladin and Syl painting: A joke from a hilarious liveblog of WoK: And a portrait of Adolin in shardplate: I'm working on some character sheets of SA people with proportions/colors/expressions... but will probably post when I get a good batch of 'em done. Cheers.
  5. Thanks! I use Photoshop (CS4 specifically, but the version really doesn't matter) and a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet.
  6. Hey guys! Sorry about not updating this thread in a while... At least I come bearing a ton of art, yeah? :3 But first, terribly late responses... Argent: You should be following Bota's art and Cosmere blogs! Botanica: Yep! Hopefully I can do him justice... I am tempted to go re-read Warbreaker just for this, haha. Weiry: I usually do Elend's hair as darker/closer to brown as well, but Silver's watercolor style tends to make colors lighter. Basically I take AnemoneInk's colors as canon, hehe. Alrighty, art spam! I've hidden things with Words of Radiance spoilers in spoiler tags just in case. An 8-panel monstrosity of a Cosmere Comic I drew simply because I wanted to depict Rock giving stew to people. u.u Silver did a boss job coloring it, especially the lighting in the panel with the pots. <3 I started doing new digital painting portraits because my image of a lot of these characters has slightly changed now that WoR is here (and I am not 100% happy with how those WoK era portraits turned out, heh). These are all very much WIPs and will continue to be modified a lot... Kaladin - process time-lapse video Jasnah Renarin Various Cosmere-clothing things. You can see all of them (including more uniform designs and some WIP havah sketches) in this gallery. Sadeas. Never drawn him before so I wanted to nail him down. Version 2 of the height chart of Shallan, Kaladin, and Dalinar. With updated Alethi uniform and now with foot markers in the background thanks to our getting a specific height for Shallan in WoR. Ink drawings of various Kholins that I did for practice with some new markers - process time-lapse of Dalivani piece | and a video of Jasnah A joke drawing of Shallan (and someone in an Alethi uniform... is it Adolin? Is it Kaladin? No one knows!) I did in the style of manga artists CLAMP.
  7. I started a new tumblr blog with Silver (lending her immense coloring talents to my messy lineart <3) for Cosmere-related comics and we've just posted the first one featuring Vin and Elend: http://cosmerecomics.tumblr.com/post/81962121051/elend-is-quite-the-charmer Here's hoping that we can actually keep up the pace of doing one of these every week. *crosses fingers* Delightful: I'm sorry, I keep drawing all these sad things. xD I'm glad you get a creepy feeling from Lin, mission accomplished. Argent: Yep! It's quite a brilliant suggestion from EHyde. Haniqi: Thank you for the kind words and especially for the very thoughtful and detailed comment! I love getting feedback like that, it's always interesting to get insight into how other readers picture a character and why they formed that particular image. I really like the suggestion of tightening up and changing his uniform to differentiate him more from the Rosharans. I basically defaulted to my Kholin military look and made it black for the drawing, when there is a lot of variety within Alethi uniforms. I did try to make him aloof and wiry (especially in the fullbody sketch) but could probably narrow his shoulders and make his stance less aggressive, since it's certainly important that he look at odds with the fact that he wears a side sword as it's brought up a lot in the text. I hadn't thought about giving him a more weathered look and making his clothes worn before (for some reason I've always thought of Wit as super stylish? no clue why) but it is a very cool idea to push that he is a wanderer. So again, thank you for the very thorough description, will definitely keep it in mind the next time I draw Wit! I too am a Zahel fan (especially in the book that he's originally from ) and actually have done a few sketches, hopefully I have something to post of him soon... Botanica has already done 2 amazing Zahel drawings, have you seen 'em? :3
  8. Argent: Fair enough! Plus, I definitely have a tendency to go for close-cropped too often when "short hair" is mentioned in a character description. /biased-against-long-hair-on-guys Delightful: It's cool, I was curious about the spear stuff too and it never hurts to have more information on how weapons work. Botanica: Glad you like the Wit drawing! And yeah, I really do enjoy seeing different artists' takes on him... especially since Hoid himself changes appearance so dramatically from book to book. To be honest, I definitely prefer your design of him and JustInkOnPaper's illustration from WMC, but this is how I imagined him when reading. I don't remember any explicit descriptions of how old he looks in WoK or WoR, just Adolin's "you're too old for her." I default to him being in his 30s as well. RE: Lightsong's clothing. He's described as wearing a very complicated wrap (so that he needs assistance when putting it on) with clasps at the front... I'm looking at late Roman Empire fashion as inspiration to try and figure something out (thanks to EHyde for the suggestion :3). OK, onto the random art... A piece of merchandise that needs to happen (I would like glyphs for these words someday, lol): Lin Davar (this guy doesn't get a mug, obviously): lineart of Dalinar and Gavilar that I plan to color at some point: click here for a larger, less cropped version, warning - contains blood
  9. jasonpenguin asked earlier about a drawing of Lightsong. Cosmere chat actually gave me an awesome prompt for a scene featuring him and Llarimar and I'm working on that now! But I realized that I didn't have a super strong image of Lightsong's face so I did a quick bust of him to nail down his features: I still don't know what his eye color is exactly though... OTL I also need to figure out clothes, because I remember so little about fashion on Nalthis. ^^; And here's a smirking Wit for Botanica! Awesomeness Summoned: I looked at that how-to guide on spear making too! xD But yeah, nothing there to explain the random cloth tied to Kaladin's spear... the idea that it went from functional to ornamental is definitely a good theory though. And increasing stability is as plausible as any explanation I've read so far. Natans: Haha, thanks. :3 Ohhh yeah, a pic of Syl as a spear would be so cool... Kal/Syl duo really is awesome. Heck, the bonded spren so far are all great... I really like Pattern too and have to draw Shallan + him at some point. Chrono: Thank you! I definitely want to do something with Shallan and Kaladin in the chasms (in fact, one of the first things I sketched when I finished WoR was Shallan during their exchange about sorrow...). Such a great set of chapters... I need to push through and just draw more Shallan instead of sticking with what's easy (men are just easier for me to draw than women generally). (yesss, let's all get sad about Kaladin + family ) ...I guess the takeaway is there are too many cool things to draw and that I need to give Shallan more love. She's actually my favorite character in the SA. :S
  10. Swirly stuff is pretty fun to paint.
  11. Delightful: "Eeeee baby Renarin" was basically the unofficial WMC motto. And the lady reading is Navani. We chose to use her and de-age Renarin for the story even though it's completely impossible... I imagine it would be kind of hard to draw Shshshshsh. Glad you like the Dalinar art, I was trying to make him look like a boss. xD RE: random spear cloth - It's in Whelan's depictions but I'm not sure exactly what purpose it serves (since it's definitely not in the spot or wound around enough to be holding the spearhead in place)... I'm no expert when it comes to polearms though, I simply choose to include it as well because of the rule of cool. ^^; Argent: Woo, incorporating feedback! Every artist who collaborated on this thing has bookmarks and notes about character descriptions and double checked with the chat when they weren't sure. We take canon very seriously when it comes to appearances apparently... Like re-reading Shallan's scene for that stick drawing from earlier... yeah. Sadly, there weren't actually any details on the size/color/shape of the best new character in WoR, so I had to wing it. Feather: I'm glad that everyone enjoyed seeing Baby Renarin as much as I did drawing him, haha. Little spectacles are the best. 8) Ellie's chicken is perfection! I still laugh every time I see it. And yeah, everyone should check out all the character/creature art that various fanartists created for WMC... all of them are so spot on, it made my week to have all this amazing SA art popping up on my dash.
  12. Feather: Thank you! Everyone involved in WMC deserves so much praise, I'm just the lucky(/crazy) person that had all this time off to spend drawing, heh. I can't express how impressed and proud I am of the fandom for coming together to make something so amazing. In addition to all of the gorgeous character/creature art we received, Silver particularly contributed so much... she painted all of my lineart during a school week, seriously dang. Argent: Haha yeah! I think it was a big motivator for all participating that we had a deadline to produce something physical to give to Brandon. So yeah, Where's My Chull? is a thing that happened. Basically a bunch of us decided on the 14th to create a Stormlight Archive take on Terry Pratchett's Where's My Cow? to give to Mr. Sanderson himself at the signing in Chicago yesterday. I ended up drawing... 15 sets of lineart for the framing illustrations, featuring Dalinar, Navani, and baby Renarin. And then BeneathSilverStars transformed them with her incredible watercolor-style digital painting... I had so much fun collaborating with her. :3 She punched them up to essentially professional-quality children's book illustrations under such a crazy time crunch, it's ridiculous! http://beneathsilverstars.tumblr.com/post/79840636403 http://beneathsilverstars.tumblr.com/post/79947185505 http://beneathsilverstars.tumblr.com/post/80043201287 I also contributed art for... the cover Kaladin + Syl Dalinar the Stormfather (though this is a vastly revised version... the beard wasn't in time for print sadly D: ) An excellent week of hanging out and collaborating with super cool people on something Cosmere-related... I couldn't have asked for a better vacation.
  13. Aleksiel: Haha, thank you! I have a mighty need to draw Dalinar and Kaladin together (them calling each other Sir and Captain, dat respect T.T) so hopefully a sketch/comic will happen sooner rather than later! Swimmingly: xD Oh man, I'd forgotten that it was raining during that sequence. Sad Kaladin in the rain... and yeah, rainspren are creeeepy. Bota: Oh no, please don't have a heart attack! *resuscitates* But thanks. I have drawn a tiny Wit for FNCC before, but I definitely want to do a larger drawing of him smirking. So will do (I also want to expand on those hug sketches I did a while ago) once I knock out more of my Cosmere queue. :3 Argent: And I was super excited to hear about/watch his reaction when they were posted! Roshar's chickens make for some great fanart, I have to say. (also Brandon is totally a fellow Highprince of Dads, mixing his name up with Dalinar is perfectly understandable) Delightful: Thank ye kindly! Glad you're enjoying my silly doodles. :>
  14. I am a DC comics fan in the DC area, do I win? Sent you a PM, Muffins. I had a really fun time at the signing and alcohol + Cosmere talk sounds like a great evening.
  15. Feather: ^^ Joe and Argent: My greatest masterpiece, I tells ya. Mailliw: Thank you! So... I've actually been pretty busy art-wise (and going to a Brandon signing! :DDDD) this past week and I'm super excited about getting to show y'all what I've been working on soon. In the meantime, here's some silly stuff I drew on the side: SA chibis at the bottom of a sketchbook page: FNCC requested a Kadolin fistbump, so yeah! And here's "I draw stupid comics just to get to funny Kaladin faces" part 2:
  16. Ah dang... hope you guys are okay.
  17. Appreauntis: I'm sorry, I just have to draw sad things... You know this scene is going to destroy us when it does happen. Argent: I'm still getting a handle on tumblr myself, I have a really hard time tracking conversations on there, haha. Just posting is so much easier... xD Feather: (Maki is preferable since it leaves no confusion on how it's pronounced) Hm, a thing you say? You mean this masterpiece? ... Just kidding! Shirtless!Renarin. ^^ (though Stick is legit awesome too... looking at the Coppermind page makes me laugh out loud every time)
  18. Feather: I think I know what I'm drawing during FNCC tonight. jasonpenguin: Thank ye kindly! :3 I haven't yet drawn anything Warbreaker-related actually... even though it's the first book of Brandon's I ever read so it holds a pretty special place in my heart. I should rectify that! Maybe I'll try my hand at Lightsong and other characters this weekend. A couple more drawin's for y'all - I've never drawn Lirin and Hesina before... so here's a cheerful depiction of them with Kaladin. >.> And an ink drawing of a very windy Kaladin and Syl 'cause I got some new pens. :> ( scanned version here - http://i4.minus.com/iGFb92jhIoHjj.jpg )
  19. ...and reuse of jokes is strictly forbidden on pain of getting dunked in a highstorm, yes? xD Also, it's good to know that my silly doodles aren't just funny to me. I pretty much ship all the ships in WoR since everyone's interactions are so good. *.* So I might draw more stuff for other pairings too... Argent: Dreamstorm x Kaladin OTP Feather: Ooh, very interesting. *adds to description list* I've tended to make Renarin's hair darker than Adolin's in previous drawings, but I'll push more black hair when I do a color another pic of him. :3 Would be cool to get confirmation on his eye color too, but for now I'll continue to spam Kholin blue. Ugh, the things I'd do to get a peek at that internal wiki of Team Sanderon's... (hmm, more shirtless Kholins you say? that is always on the agenda... it's all in the name of science, I swear) Weiry: Thank you! I honestly giggled out loud when I read that Dalinar himself was holding Navani's umbrella... Cuteness overload. (So yeah, shirtless!Dalinar... Kaladin just wouldn't stop mentioning how the guy is built like a rock and I wanted to figure out his body type. But it seems we all already know that Dalinar is a hot dad so no need to comment on it, I guess? heh)
  20. Natans: Haha, PlayAlethi... that's definitely what I'll call that drawing of Bridge 4 if I ever do it. And yeah, I'm hoping we see a lot more activity fanart-wise now that WoR is out. ^^ Feather: I've got 6 Renarin's on this next page alone! *cackles* And since Natans mentioned it and it's already been posted in the Shalladin thread here... this is my silly comic about Shallan drawing that salacious picture of herself in a bridgeman outfit (mostly Kaladin's reaction). I felt that the world needed nosebleed!Kaladin.
  21. I'll be attending this! First Brandon-related event for me, I'm super excited and look forward to meeting y'all. :3
  22. Feather: Bridge 4 is always good times! Speaking of shirtless!Kaladin, I've joked with a friend that someday I'll draw Bridge 4 carrying on their post-Highstorm showers in Dalinar's camp and all these passers by just craning their heads to watch. xD And... uh, the next page is Kholin-focused, with a lot of Renarin actually. So hopefully I can scan that soon. ^^ (It's cool that you linked my Kadolin drawing and it looks like the Shallan discussion overshadowed it in that thread completely anyways, haha. I just haven't posted any FNCC-inspired stuff in here because that art really is more for the tumblr Cosmere community. ) Argent: I also think of Lopen as around that age, I just failed to really portray that in the sketch, heh. I should probably define his laugh lines/wrinkles on the edge of his eyes more to age him up visually. Will definitely keep that in mind if I do larger portraits of the Bridge 4 members... Aleksiel: Thank you! The chapter with Wit was such a good one. :3 I'm definitely interested in pulling out those sketches and coloring 'em, illustrating the entire scene.
  23. Natans: Haha, glad you enjoy the drawing with the horse! :3 That chapter was one of my favorites, so funny. RE: the folio page - It was kind of a shock to see such a detailed drawing of a person's face in an interior illustration, but the dude depicted could fit in with how I imagine the Alethi as a race. He looks like he could be based on a Pacific islander (though it's a little hard to distinguish his epicanthic folds in the drawing? that's the one thing that bugs me about the image, the rest of the illustration is ace) which is where I personally start from when drawing any Alethi. Myself being SE Asian I have a bunch of uncles who look a lot like folio guy, heh. It's in such a different style (very realistically rendered) than I usually do and obviously isn't meant to be any of the main characters... honestly I don't see it having any impact on my SA drawings. Brandon's said that he uses a photo of a half-Asian/half-Hawaiian as the model for Kaladin, so I basically extrapolate from real world Pacific islanders/SE Asians for bone/facial structure when it comes to the Alethi and will continue to do so regardless. So yeah, that was probably much too long of an answer but there you have it. ^^; I'll go on drawing Alethi males the way I currently do, no worries. Feather: It absolutely had to be smirking! Those things are evil creatures who are entirely too clever for their own good. xD Okay, here's some more art to share~ Moash trying on his uniform for the first time (aww, he's blushing! so anime!): 2 more sketchbook pages, but these were during my WoR readthrough:
  24. Bota: No problem! ^^ (and yeah, I agree that taking photos of natural media stuff really doesn't cut it... only so much cleaning up one can do in PS with that as a starting point D: ) I've finished WoR and have a bunch of sketches, hopefully I'll be able to swing by the library tomorrow to scan 'em. As a forewarning, the pieces I'll be posting from now on may contain WoR spoilers. I'll try to keep any art related to major story beats/twists as links rather than embedding them, but if you haven't finished the book yet it might be best to not take a look at all in the next couple of days. In the meantime, here's a quick digital thing: Kaladin + horses = the best.
  25. Argent: Yes, totes adorbs. and also totes depressing Natans: Thanks again! :3 I definitely have plans to power through WoR as quickly as humanly possible... I can't contain just how excited I am for the release, haha. Botanica: Thank you. These are indeed pages from a brand new sketchbook. I love seeing other artists' pencil sketches too so I should try to be better about sharing mine. But getting to a scanner is kinda hard for me... I colored one of the Kabsal sketches. And vectored the glyphs from the WoR interior art so I can copy and paste them onto foreheads and uniforms in drawings. One more day till WoR, ahhhhhhhhh!
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