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  1. Man. Moash needs to get tortured. That other Spren must be Adolin's dead spren. I think he will be the first to revive and then others could do the same. Maybe shadesmar is the place to do it. Bringing a bonded bladed person they can revive the oaths.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me the descriptions for the characters in the books. I'm a hobbyist artist and would like to draw out these characters but the way I envision them have slightly changed as I read the books and I don't want to re-read to make notes. Anything helps. Thanks in advance.
  3. interesting, it would be cool to see. They were broken like spren who was broken when there wasn't a bond. So they could be a form of spren.
  4. when they enter shadesmar are they in their physical bodies or just the mind? If her physical body had been destroyed and her mind is in shadesmar she could probably body snatch to come back, or wait for her body to be repaired and then return.
  5. The way of kings -- i've read this 3 times already. you do pick up on a lot of things through the re-reads. I recommend
  6. justkrzy


    Hi, I used tablet. There is an app on there that has a "sketch brush". The brush is polygonal so it makes shadowing very easy.
  7. justkrzy


    I decided to depict the moment when deathpoint realized he stood no chance against steelheart. The terror and sudden realization of the difference in power he scrambles away only to get stopped and jerked around. The sketch is a little dark but it is supposed to be shown from the persprective of the kid.
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